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NLP In Everyday Life - Use NLP To Wake Up Early Instead Of Alarm Clock

July 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

Why alarm clock rarely works?

The fact that people switch off the alarm clock countless times in their sleep and continue sleeping as if nothing happened is a strong testimony to the raw, uncontrolled power of the human mind. Harnessing this uncontrolled power is the fundamental dream of NLP users. As long as your mind finds pleasure in sleeping late, waking up early will always be the closest yet the most impossible dream. If simple alarm clocks were powerful enough to overpower the human will - well, the world will definitely be a simpler place to live. I am sure all of us have seen an elderly person waking up every single day, without any alarm, before sunrise. Getting up early has nothing to do with how loud or irritating your alarm is. Even if you succeed this way, you would have only succeeded in ruining your mood for the day.

How NLP will wake you up early?

The process starts with acknowledging the power of human will and using the same to create leverage to get up early. Treat your mind as a separate person and reason with it. Though you want to get up early, your mind has attached deep-rooted pleasures to not getting up early. Analyze what they are. Make sure the fruits of your tomorrow's work are more enjoyable than sleeping a few more hours. Instead of just thinking "I MUST wake up early tomorrow at all costs", be specific about the outcomes you want to achieve. Convince your mind that you have a lot of important work to do. Go through the full details of all your tomorrow's work. Give our mind a rough schedule showing that unless you get up early you can't accomplish all of them.

Don't look at your mind as an enemy. If your mind feels pleasure for sleeping late at a deeper level, it is also a consequence of your own actions or decisions in the past. You only taught our mind waking up late makes you happy. Now just reprogram it. Make your mind understand that waking up early makes you happy and is more important. Have an actual conversation with your mind. The human mind is stimulated to maximum when inputs are from as many senses as possible, at least virtually. So before sleeping, imagine yourself getting up early and

* What will you do with the extra time?

* Who will you meet or talk to?

* What will you say?

* How will you feel after you finish you work early morning?

* If you want to get up early for working out, visualize yourself sweating from a full-fledged workout?

* How confident you will be now that you are more in control of yourself?

If you have enough confidence you can even start applying this exercise without using alarm clocks at all. This boosts the mind's ego that you are putting your faith in your own mind than an alarm clock. All this will change your mental programming and you will notice yourself waking up one or two minutes before your alarm time even if you use it.

I am Vivek Jeyapal, an avid follower of NLP in everyday life. I've come to understand that NLP is not just a bunch of techniques and concepts. With clear understanding of its applications it has become a way of life for me, guiding my thinking and the way I act in even small situations. My happiness has inspired me to share what I know and spread NLP to everyone. I post regularly about various applications of NLP and how it can enrich your daily life at and

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