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Life's A Beach Or Is It?

July 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 179

"Life's a beach and then you die," I have often heard quoted with a different noun in place of beach. I frowned every time my mother reminded me of this philosophy. Her life had unfolded into less than desired. When I heard the phrase with the slight difference, I wanted to learn how to see life as a beach instead of the female dog like my mother described. I would love to say I learned this technique before becoming an adult in the rat race of life. But, my relationship with you is important to me so the truth I must give.

Have you ever felt like life was anything but pleasant? I'm sure you have. For some reason, this type of experience is imbedded in the human existence. I found hope in learning life did not have to continue in discomfort. Realizing my divine right to peace, comfort, abundance, and most of all love gave me what I needed to look forward to such experiences.

"Seek and yea shall find," declares scripture in the King James Version of the bible. "Knock, knock and the door will be opened unto you," are words in a song based on that scripture. That should have been enough to encourage me into a better experience in life, but familiar foes, doubt and fear, continued to rob me. If only I knew then what I know now!

The best life has to offer is achieved when you are present in life. Past experiences exist in a realm where they can never be altered. Some people habitually relive experiences in their heart, mind, and soul but doing so has no effect on the relived experience. Based on productivity yield, I would say spending too much time in past experiences is poor usage of the gift of today.

Desire to change present situations motivate aspirations for future. But, too much time used in anxiety about the future will slow positive progress. What is done today will determine tomorrow.

When I focused more on future and less on present, fear and doubt caused worry. Anxious worry made life feel like torture. Honestly, I reached a point where I wanted to escape.

According to, depression affects approximately 19 million Americans, or 9.5% of the population in any given one-year period. They report that depression is often referred to as the "common cold" of mental illness and is estimated to cost America $30 billion each year. Improperly treated common depression can led to chronic depression. At this point, an individual's life can become blue or dark.

Darkness first claimed my life before light revealed truth. I'm not going to lie; I was embarrassed by the glum that I became. They say misery loves company. I was alone and preferred it that way. College friends, sorority sisters, and family didn't understand when I arrived at the time in life when I felt more at ease out of the company of others. Life with two bachelor's degrees and a minor had not proven to be the success I had aimed for. I skipped out on life update conversations and interactions that were unable to sweeten the bitter chaos of my world. Alone in misery, I wallowed.

Reality made me sad. I cried a thousand tears even though I understood they would not change my life. Eventually, I wanted to die and leave misery behind. I wasn't suicidal, even though chronic depression has been known to solicit the take of one's own life as an out to a sad situation. My will to live was low and I desired freedom from how I felt.

It was during the experience of wanting to escape misery when I discovered a way to enjoy life. First, I had to 'get up and live' as my mother used to encourage. Heavy emotions about unsuccessful life made the simple instruction a challenge. I am thankful for the gift of strength and courage. I used the tools I asked God for to get up out of misery and claim desire to live.

Next, I had to come to an understanding of myself. Do you understand yourself? If you do, you are more than halfway to experiencing the life you desire.

I didn't understand where I had gone wrong in creating a comfortable life. I graduated high school and college, had a decent resume, was able to learn anything, yet still I was unemployed and in debt. I chose to become present in my life, which made me have to face past due rent and the possibility of repossession of my car. I owed approximately $60,000 for student loans and the education I obtained had not helped to generate any income. These were some of the things that had overwhelmed me to the point of wanting escape. Now, I desired to overcome.

Adjustments needed to be made in order for me to gain control of my life circumstances. I was not in control over whether an employer chose me for a job position. But, I had to realize gaining employment was not the only way to change my present situation. It would have been a plus, most definitely. One month after receiving a letter that threatened eviction for almost a month worth of late fees attached to past due rent, I received another letter that informed me of acceptance into a housing assistance apartment complex. Income based rent for a three bedroom apartment allowed me freedom from responsibility I was unable to meet.

About three months later, my car was repossessed. I was unhappy about being left without transportation but I accepted it. I realized I had the option to worry about it or accept what had been done after midnight and before daylight one morning. Acceptance was the better choice. I continued with forward strides towards changing my present life into a comfortable experience.

How did I achieve a better life experience? I have full intentions to make this clear to you. My life took many twists and turns before I arrived at the presence of comfort. I have shared the details in my novel, A Taste for Comfort.

The first step I took towards comfort in life was embraced desire to live. Next, I accepted my life; the good, the bad, and the ugly. The second step proposed challenge because I had to recognize the good that also existed with the bad and ugly that I had once given all of my attention. Prior to having a desire to live, I thought my life was absent of anything that could have been considered good.

Zoom function of a camera allows the viewer to look closely at focus. I focused on my life and then zoomed in searching for good. Now looking back, it is interesting how I looked over the fact that I had awaken that particular day. That was good and necessary for me to change the way my life felt. I was thankful for the present, or gift, of awakening.

My children, mother, sister, and brothers were all alive and as well as they were able to be. That was good. My rent was paid. We had electricity, gas, and running water. The refrigerator had food that we enjoyed. Our environment was clean and decorated to my liking. All of these realities were good and part of my present life.

We had adequate clothing and were able to walk anywhere that was needed. And if preferred, city transit was available and in walking distance. More good existed in my life than I can share in this article. I had to zoom in to acknowledge it.

Okay, back to the steps I took. I desired life, accepted reality, and then I decided change was not only necessary but able to be achieved. How did I know change was achievable? Because anything that is given thought, time, and energy can be achieved.

I thought about comfort and how it would feel in my life. Work that I enjoy first came to mind. Next, I could see myself and children better suited in housing outside of the city assistance complex. At the time I had these thoughts, I was clueless about how to make them reality.

Writing comes naturally for me. It is as important to me as the air I breathe. During my first steps of this journey towards comfort in life, I wrote about my emotions in the form of poetry and simple expressions. It was after reading several helpful self-help books and articles when I gave thought to fashioning my writing into work.

I love my job as a writer. Manifesting the thought into reality took time and energy that rewarded me in the giving. This good thing is the future of a desire that I had in my past and gave focus to in countless present moments.

My children and I live in a new location that is better suited for our needs and desire. For this I am utterly thankful. My days are now flooded with good experiences that I acknowledge and focus on. Doing so gives me the inspiration needed to create comfortable life experiences daily. This is AWESOME and I am thankful.

I am now able to see the beach life is, with all of its beauty and surprises. Trust me, I still experience my share of unpleasantness but my focus looks toward as much good as I can spy in any given moment. I'm getting better day to day.

I enjoy inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting today's readers. I wish you peace, happiness, and most of all love. Feel free to visit my blog.

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