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Intuition in Business Can Super Charge Your Results

July 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

Have you ever had hind-sight? You knew something was going to happen and you knew what would happen ahead of time? If you've ever had hind-sight, you have intuition and that intuition can be developed. By paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that you get in certain circumstances, and by paying attention to your body and how it feels, you will be able to tell whether something is an insight or just a random, passing thought.

After the awareness comes to you that this is different than a random thought, write down your impressions and record the date. When you take the time to do that, you have the ability to go back and look at when a particular feeling, thought or intuition came to you. You will start to see a pattern of being correct which will permit you to trust your intuition. As you begin to trust your intuition, the frequency and information will get stronger for you.

Before I became aware that we are receivers of energy, I just thought I was a bit crazy. I remember a networking event I was at a very long time ago. We had a table set up with products for sale and a woman approached me. The minute she stood in front of me I felt a knot in my stomach. My first impression in the past was just what everyone used to tell me, "You're too sensitive!" I had been feeling fine previously and because I had just become aware of this same information as I'm giving you today, I looked at her and I said, "You know, I've got something I need to take care of right here but if you'd like to browse, just look around and if you have any questions I'd be glad to help you in a few minutes." All of a sudden I could feel that sense of heaviness or that feeling in my gut go away. She walked to the end of the table, she started looking through things and a couple minutes later she came back to me.

Basically what I was feeling was "the wall" she was putting up because she did not want "to be sold to". Everybody loves to buy but most of us hate high pressure sales. When you get into a situation where there are a lot of venders in a room and everyone wants to sell something or to promote their business, it can feel like a very high pressure situation. "Buy this, buy that... " and some of the attendees get very uncomfortable and tense. By being aware of which people those are, you're more likely to be able to develop a conversation with them that may lead to a relationship and possibly an eventual sale. If you don't pay attention, chances are, they will be one of those people who will look at your table from about 2 or 3 feet away and immediately head to the other side of the aisle. You've seen them if you've done any trade fairs; the people who won't look at you and just move quickly past your table.

In summary ~ Intuition is a great ability to have and it definitely can be developed. Pay attention to; fleeting thoughts, how your body feels before an event or a meeting and what your emotions are like and then notice any changes in how you are feeling when you are approached by different people. Make notes of it, date it, and then go back and look at it later. Over time you will notice a pattern. You will see that you actually are picking up on valuable information. I did not believe for one minute that I had an intuitive bone in my body until I started keeping a journal. By becoming aware, the ability to be able to perceive things a little more quickly can be very beneficial. Take the opportunity to pay a little more attention to your thoughts, emotions, how your body feels and reacts and see if it doesn't alert you to some interesting insights in your day to day business life.

Why I Am Passionate About What I Do...

I BELIEVE in Mary Kay's dream of an open ended opportunity for women, allowing them to choose what they are worth because WOMEN DESERVE to have a life of ABUNDANCE and FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. I believe that every woman must have the flexibility to choose her priorities because choice empowers. I believe FUN is essential to creating long term successes because fun creates SYNERGY and SUPER CHARGES

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