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If Peace of Mind Is Our Most Important Goal, How Do We Achieve It?

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 93

I came to realise that as we start our inner Journey, we develop the ability to see beyond the barriers of the conscious, physical world - and we can start to feel our Inner Strength - which IS there.

Then we can start the inner healing so necessary for our Peace of Mind.

One of the major barriers to letting go of our almost constant fear, is the fact that we cannot let go of the past.

This conditioning from the past applies not only to this life, but to all our previous lives as well. And so we see the present only through the colouring of our past experiences.

We have to let go of our attachment to Guilt and fear. We have to make a choice. We must choose to experience Peace and Love by letting go of past guilts, fears and pain.

We have to realise that "this instant" is the only reality that exists. We have to live "now". Our minds have no limitations, they are only limited by the restriction we place on them.

Just think, If you were to think of life as being lived in the split second of "now", without worrying about the past or the future, would it be so bad? In most cases, unless you were actually sick, or in pain right now, the answer would be "NO".

If we choose to live in the past with all this anger and pain, then we will remain locked up in them - until we realise that we CAN choose to let them go - and live in the peace and harmony of NOW.

In order to leave the past behind us, we must make Peace of Mind our Single Goal.

We must cling to this aim of reaching Peace of Mind with the same determination that a drowning person struggles for the shore. We must use this instinct for survival because Peace of Mind is really our only means of survival.

Once we have set our minds on Peace of Mind - Forgiveness becomes the major means to reach this Goal. - Forgiveness is to "let Go'.

We don't have to forgive anyone for any other reason but for our own spiritual progress. We do it just to let go of the hold these people have on us by causing us pain and suffering.

Once we forgive, we no longer identify with all this suffering, and it no longer has such a negative effect on us.

We forgive for selfish reasons only - for our own health.

It is important that we recognise that other people do not have to change for us to experience Peace of Mind.

We have to CHOOSE to change our way of experiencing life.

We are torn apart by two forces in ourselves - Our outer Ego, or our outer consciousness which is formed by child-like brain centres, which direct us to conflict and greed - and Inner Love which comes from the inner peace and strength of our Inner Self.

The Outer part of ourselves tries to block out this Inner Love by drawing a curtain of fear and guilt - we have to open that curtain and let in the light of Inner Peace and Strength.

We can let go of fear when we stop judging others, and stop being effected by the hurts and pains of the past - we DO have a choice.

We CAN choose to experience the positive things in life - by living in the NOW. We are what we BELIEVE - By believing - and choosing this Inner Communication and Love, we can eliminate fear.

Did you know that many of our attempts to correct others, even when we think they are constructive, are really attempts to attack people by demonstrating their wrongness and our rightness.

We defend ourselves by attacking others. Until we find the strength and peace which hides deep inside us - waiting for us to find it.

If others do not change in accordance with our expectations we see them as being Guilty - and this reinforces our own belief in guilt.

Peace of Mind comes from not wanting to change others, but by accepting them as they ARE. - True love and true acceptance is always without demands and expectations.

Inner Peace can only come if we can stop judging people and let go of the past.

We must let go of what we think others have done to us, or whatever we think we have done to them.

To forgive someone is not for them - but for our own Peace of Mind.

Consider this, Once something has happened, can we bring back the past? NO. So why remain bogged down in it? Those who hurt us only win, if we remain hurt and angry.

If we can rise above this hurt and anger, then we can get on with living, and, certainly, we stand a much better chance of regaining a lot of what may have been lost, if our judgement is not effected by fear and anger.

We must re-examine our concepts of Getting and Giving.

If we think we need something from someone, we will love that person when we think we are getting what we want - and we will hate them if we do not. We frequently have love/hate relationships when we trade this conditional form of what is called love.

Giving means extending our love with no conditions, no expectations, and no boundaries.

Peace of Mind occurs when we concentrate on giving, and have no desires to get anything from, or change, another person.

Inner Peace is only achieved when we can forgive the world, and everyone in it.

We really cannot change the external world, nor the people in it.

We CAN change how we perceive the world, how we perceive others, and how we perceive ourselves. What we experience is our state of mind - projected outwards.

If our state of mind is one of well being - Love and Peace - that is what we will project - and that is what we will experience.

This article was written by Jack Shapcott. Get the benefit of his experiences in the field of self healing by going to and finding out for yourself the benefits of the seven steps to self healing which are part and parcel of his free self healing course.

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