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How To Use Your Body To Heal

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 115

Healing the body and sustaining optimum life has been high on our agenda ever since we've had an agenda. Lets look at time tested truths about how to keep well, how to use our body as our best healing agent and how to make the most of any presenting aches and pains.

Buses whiz past daily with a newly airbrushed picture of physical perfection. Despite how discriminating these images are, we might not be so far from an old truth. In shamanic teachings, your health and your beauty, even the very essence of your good life, is linked to your body.

Shamanic tools literally teach us to use our body to heal ourselves. Our connection to our healthiest, happiest and most well self is through our body and we get into that self by following our body feedback.

Here is how you can use your body's aches and pains to heal:

If you have a health symptom that bothers you find your power spot, a place that feels good to you, probably in your house initially;

Get comfortable there, or rather allow your body to make itself comfortable there, ie whatever feels good, sit down, lie down, stand on tiptoe, crouch, curl up etc;

Bring your focus onto the area in your body that holds the symptom;

Imagine that area wants to make a movement and allow that movement;

While your body is making that movement notice what emotions or directions come to mind;

Let your body do what it wants;

Let the process settle and ask yourself what you know now that you didn't know before.

Repeat this process to work through any symptom that presents to you.

Here is my latest, real life example, beginning with two sore knees. Specifically, my knees ached a little just next to my kneecaps - made worse after I run.

I sat in my power spot, put my hands on my knees and noticed that I immediately started jiggling them, just kind of moving them back and forth. This movement felt happy to me and I thought of how little kids swing their legs back and forth when they sit in big chairs.

I kept jiggling and I asked my knees what they wanted to do or wanted to tell me. I saw each knee take their leg off my body and run around wild and carefree. This made me feel even happier. They were whooping and hopping and clowning around.

I asked them if they would be happy if I was more spontaneous, if I had more time for unexpected fun and if I loosened up/lightened up. After a few days of playing with my knees (sounds fun even saying it) I know that I would be happier with more variety in my everyday life. This translates for me into having more projects on the go at any one time so I can bounce around between them, I will have more fun, heaps of it, and I will take myself and my lifestyle more easily and casually. And, happily, my knees don't hurt anymore.

Too simple a solution? Try it, it's one of the oldest tools in the book to build better health. Your body is an information system, when we use its information we can take the pressure off the rest of us and watch our bodies heal.

Living Dreams is a Melbourne based Alternative Health Practice, led by Counsellor and Therapist Rebecca Ryan. Treatment is based on the development of the whole self. Rebecca works with a cross section of the community dealing with issues such as grief, trauma, depression, anxiety and behavioural challenges (eg. eating disorders) and anger management. Previous clients have included footballers (living up to their potential), children and many people who want to understand more of who they are and how to love and live more satisfying lives. Trained services include: Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Process Orientated Psychology, Meditation, Theta Healing, NLP, Entity Clearing & Soul Retrieval. She is also a practicing Shamanic Witch and teaches courses on esoteric wisdom. For more information on shamanic witchery and healing, visit

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