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How to Use Inner Guidance for Problem-Solving

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 137

How often have you run into the proverbial dead end when trying to find a way out of an undesirable life situation? You may not have realized it but the best answers to your search already existed within you - through your built-in inner guidance system.

Relying only on external sources for information and advice often provides unsatisfactory or misleading solutions to your more complex problems. This is usually the case when dealing with the multi-layered nature of real life situations.

In order to access true inner guidance, it is necessary to first understand the holographic nature of the universe. This means that there is a fundamental interconnectedness to all of creation, as well as an underlying field of information which generates your outer reality.

Nothing is ever lost or added to this great, self-contained cosmic unity which includes all knowledge, all alternate and parallel lifetimes and realities and ALL THE POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR LIFE'S PROBLEMS!

Being a part of the Divine Hologram, makes it possible for you to tap into the infinite storehouse of knowledge and archetypes which is often referred to as the akashic records. It is important to realize that your so-called internal guidance is, in reality, your channel to universal knowledge and understanding!

Here are some guidelines to help you access true, reliable inner guidance for problem-solving:

  • You must acknowledge the holographic nature of all creation. Your realization of this fundamental ONENESS is your initial key to reconnecting with the AKASHA.
  • Learn to distinguish between the intellect-based approach of your ego or outer self and authentic internal knowledge, which is heart-centered. Eastern spiritual paths, such as Taoism, have long sought true intelligence and guidance through the heart rather than through the mind and, indeed, current research is beginning to discover the powerful electrical nature of heart energy.
  • Trust your instincts and learn to rely on your inner compass more and more. Like some long-ignored muscle, this too will gain strength through exercise.
  • Set aside some quiet time whenever you need to clear up a particularly frustrating situation. Begin with a mental request for internal/universal guidance and spend this designated time in inner tranquility (free of worry and mental chatter) before you continue your day, knowing that you will soon have a solution to your problem.
  • Be open to internal/universal guidance by looking and listening around you for signs and signals from the universe - for instance, a book title that spontaneously catches your eye, an unexpected encounter with a forgotten acquaintance and even a frustrating traffic delay. The Divine Hologram is never silent, especially to those seeking to connect with its infinite knowledge and guidance.

There are also non-physical entities who can be called upon for guidance - although this alternative source of information cannot be considered a true connection to Source Knowledge. These entities are often well-meaning but they may not have the necessary experience or breadth of knowledge to adequately help you so you must be very discriminating in following their advice.

In order to avoid the possibility of receiving unwanted guidance, after you have mentally formed your request for a connection to Source Knowledge, specify that you would like to exclude the assistance of non-physical beings. Your freewill cannot be violated as long as you are very clear about your intentions.

As our universe is currently ascending into higher dimensions of consciousness, it is essential that you reestablish your true identity as a powerful part of the Divine Hologram. Reclaiming your connection to Source Knowledge is the first step towards attaining true universal freedom in the world to come.

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