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How to Be a Persuasive Speaker

February 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 120

Persuasive speaking is nothing less than making people consider or accept your ideas no matter if these go against their cherished beliefs, or what you're telling them defies reason and common sense. You cannot be called a persuasive speaker if what you're telling your audience is something that they expect to hear from you. In persuasive speaking, you are out to impose your own point of view on people with different and varied mindsets. With your speech, you persuade them to think how you think and look at life the way you see it.

Here are the key watchwords you have to address in order to become a persuasive speaker:


Before you speak to an audience, do a quick study on their cultural, religious and economic backgrounds, depending on the subject your speech. Your speech would certainly fall flat if you talk about, say, the need to be vigilant about Muslim migrants in your community when majority of the people in your audience are Islamic believers. In fact, this would antagonize rather than persuade your audience to adopt your point of view.

Other than the demographic characteristics of your audience, you must study the substance and possible impact of your speech. In other words, you must know what you will be talking about.


This is where research comes in. Research is important because you cannot just get facts out of thin air and still hope that you can persuade your audience to agree with what you say. Your speech must bristle with facts and figures, official-sounding data and verifiable sources. The fruits of research are necessary to make your speech seem relevant and believable.


You must give the impression that you are an authority on the subject you are discussing. If you come across as an authority you will find a very receptive. This technique is frequently used in a good number of professions for the purpose of persuading potential clients. For example, a hospital patient will entrust his life to a doctor that strikes the former as a specialist.


As the speaker begins his spiel, he should connect immediately with the audience. This link needs to be established right away since it will determine if the speaker has the attention of his audience for the duration of the speech. You can establish the speaker-audience connection with the cracking of a relevant joke maybe at your expense. If you succeed, your audience will be all ears throughout your speech.


Repeating the key points of your speech is a good technique in persuasive speaking. This is how successful advertisers give name recall to their product brands. If you keep on repeating your message over and over again, the tendency is for people to accept it even if they are hostile to the idea at first.

While speaking, it helps if you also emphasize your points with body language. The so-called non-verbal cues in speaking, such as making eye contact or pounding your fist, have been shown to connect effectively with audiences.

Luke Wright is a persuasive speaking expert. For more great information on persuasive speech, visit

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