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Financial Freedom: Obvious Ways to It

July 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 103

We all want freedom. Every day and every hour people on the bus, in the offices and at homes across the globe are thinking to themselves: How can I be free? For some, this means not working, for others, freedom means having time to spend with loved ones. Anyway, all types of freedom require financial freedom. To do the things we love we need an income, so for that we need financial freedom. Today life is much more expansive than it used to be and more and more people, that could live of a meager pay 30 years ago, need to search for a job. Recently people start to realize that they work for 20 or 30 years and not even able to save any money for old age, not mentioning spending time with family. What a cruel world it is?

So, what is financial freedom? Well if you Google it, you will get thousands of answers, between buying your house without a mortgage and going to the supermarket to buy only those absolutely necessary groceries. In most cases those writing articles about financial freedom are right when they give you tips and advices about buying cheap or save more. However, they are only marginally touching core of the matter: Financial freedom is basically about earning more and spending less. Yes, I know it's a radical idea but think about it. If you earn X each month and spend X-Y then you will be left with REAL MONEY in your bank account. This is what is most important, and basic, about financial freedom: That in every waking (or sleeping) moment you will have free money in your account. Achieving this will insure that when the day comes and you do want to spend money on something, you will be able to do it.

How to gain financial freedom you ask? Well, it's basically thinking your life over and making some hard choices. Use this tips that I got of goggling "Financial Freedom" and combed through the hundreds of well written and thought through articles of tips and advices of financial freedom.

1. Financial freedom is about a debt free life. So, look at your debts (yes all of them) and see what are your debts are and how you can get rid of them. Start paying off your shortest debts first. By doing that you will be able to rid yourself of more debts in the shortest time.

2. Financial freedom is about setting up an account for debt. Set aside some money, let's say ten percent of your monthly income into a special account will ensure you that you will have a fall-back option during emergencies, rather than going into debt. If you can resist the temptation to spend then you can even have a special box or an envelope with cash for emergencies (It's not for groceries!).

3. Think hard (I mean really hard) on what you need to be happy. Can you go without a new gadget or a pair of shoes? Most people don't know what will make them happy so they think that spending money will achieve that. Most of the times buying things will eventually make you sad or depressed. After a while you will start to feel ashamed or annoyed because you spent money unnecessarily. So why not avoid it? Start thinking what will make you truly happy and do that instead.

4. Start to think about ways to earn more money. Earning more money equals more money you can spend when the time comes. Look for programs that can teach you about making money online. It's not a hoax. There are some good programs that can help you make extra cash. However they are not "Click here and earn thousands of dollars instantly" kind of programs. You need to work a bit to make them successful. But that means they are real - there is no free cash. When you see a program that promises you the sky, avoid it! Check at the resource box for a link to a review of one of those programs.

Financial freedom is not about rethinking your mortgage or your grocery list, it's you way of thinking. It is how you think and how you act that will affect your life for years to come. Sit with your family, or alone, but be true to yourself. That's the key to financial freedom.

My name is Amir Goichman and I am here to explain to you that financial freedom is possible. There are some good programs that can help you make extra cash. Check out this example of good and honest program at

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