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A Funny Outlook Is Good for Everyone, Young and Old

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 118

My husband has been working at a job now for several years and this is one that he dislikes quite a bit, no less. He got "stuck" in this job because of a couple of reasons, one being that the job market took a big hit in the area, and another is that he needs great benefits, as in days off when needed for when he doesn't feel well. Which he gets with this job he has. Despite his frequent cases of illness though and working at a job he doesn't like all that much, he has still managed to see the funny side of things most times. He has these hilarious one-liners that would be fit to put in a famous magazine in their comedy section. His comments and jokes would be even better than the ones the company has been putting in print, I tell him.

A few weeks ago we took a couple of young men out to a local restaurant--their ages are 21 and 16. These guys are actually brothers and both have terrific, fun-loving personalities and are very easy to be with. The younger one is not quite as "crazy" as the older one but this is usually around us adults we found out. This younger one did somehow manage to "hold his own" though that afternoon and seemed to feel quite comfortable around us.

The older one is a real card, seeming to have picked up these comical traits from his father and no doubt his grandfather. The younger one had a few comical things to throw into the conversation as we all four sat at this table at a Chinese buffet enjoying ourselves. People would sometimes look over at us when they would hear us laughing. Laughing must be a rarity today?

The older one I'll call Jimmy, was telling us about this one, older, friend we have in common by the name of Sherry and told us that she had invited a bunch in a group he was with for lunch and apologized for having to serve "seawood soup." This was something that she had in her fridge for her special dieting purposes (but she had some other more "normal" and tasteful things to serve to her guests as well, he commented).

Jimmy started giggling about the situation so we were dying to know what was so funny. He said that upon hearing her say "seaweed soup," he told us that somehow the idea of eating something that he would pull out of his bathing suit when swimming in the ocean didn't have all that much appeal. When we heard him say this we both practically fell off our chairs. I "threatened" to submit this to a magazine to put what he said in print but have yet to get him to "dictate" this again to me (so I get his exact words). I said to him, "Hey, I'll type it up for you, submit it, and we could split the profit." He found that extremely funny as well. We had to be careful about laughing a bit too loudly and too much lest we get thrown out of the restaurant we thought, as we went back to eating our food again.

Get help to see the funny side of things and find out how you can get a funnier outlook on life.

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