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Understanding Team Dynamics: Making Your Team Into A Posse

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 248

Every year I, along with thousands of other coaches, head out to recruiting events and watch high schoolers play their sport so that we can try and convince them to come play for us. Usually those events give coaches information about each player: height, GPA, how high they can jump, test scores, etc.

I've always wondered how important that information often it correlates to a successful collegiate experience. Of course, every college and university has admissions standards that students must meet...but do players with high test scores and GPA's succeed more often than those with low test scores and GPA's? More sports related, will a player who can jump high and hit hard be more successful than those who are just average?

Not necessarily. According to Daniel Coyle on his blog post, Who's Your Posse?, more important than numbers and scores is who players surround themselves with. We've all heard enough crash-and-burn stories about phenomenally talented athletes to know that success requires more than just physical gifts. It's not about one person, but the team. It's not solely about talent, but how that talent melds together with others.

Luckily, coaches have an opportunity to transform our teams into a posse. Coaches have an obligation to create an atmosphere that will put our players in the best possible position to be successful.

3 ways to increase the teaminess of our teams

Meet regularly. In creating a teamy team, our players have to do more than just meet up during practice time. Practice is to help the team get better at their position and at their sport. Meeting up outside of practice helps them get better at getting to know one another and to learn how to appreciate each other's differences and quirks.

Connect to alumni. This is huge. For middle school players, have the high schoolers come down and work with those athletes. It gives the young ones people to look up to and reminds the older players that they're role models. For high school players, have your athletes who've gone on to play in college come back and tell them what it takes to succeed at the next level. For college athletes, have your alums come back and talk about what they're doing with their life now...whether it's grad school, working, volunteering, or starting a family. This creates a connection and reminds everyone that they're part of something larger than themselves.

Help each other past obstacles. To me, this is one of the greatest things about being on a team. You're never alone. Whether one of the players is struggling with classwork, or fighting with their boyfriend or girlfriend, or dealing with a sick parent...players on our teams should always know that their teammates have their backs. If being on our team doesn't make their life easier and better, why should they be on our team?

We can all create teamy teams of skilled players who care about one another! It's not just important for each player's individual success, but for our team's corporate success as well.

Dawn Redd is the Head Volleyball Coach at Beloit College. Come visit Coach Dawn's community of coaching nerds and team leaders over at her blog,, where she teaches how to become an excellent coach, motivate individuals, and build successful teams.

Her book, Coach Dawn's Guide To Motivating Female Athletes, is available for purchase on her website.

Follow Coach Dawn on Twitter: @CoachDawnWrites

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