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Teaching Problems ESL Teachers Experience

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 230

We are not cry babies here, but there are numerous problems that an ESL instructor faces day in and day out. Below are a few problems that may stir the pot.

In order to be satisfied, and to cover as much ground as possible, we must identify the student. You have regular college ESL students, who come to college fully prepared to learn the English language, then, who are legally or illegally attending students.

You have newly arrived people from other countries studying the language; you have older adults and you have those who are only in class to pass the time away, and collect a great government check. This money, they do not have to return. Call it a free gift for being in America.

So, the field is wide, so I will write along universal lines.

There are many students who bring very poor education and preparation to the ESL classroom setting. This causes much dismay and confusion in the classroom. It sets the tone of the class. If there is not a good exam that puts students in the appropriate level, there is chaos. Teachers are confused and stir to create something that separates the levels.

Many of these students are illiterate in their own language. Some had stopped attending school at the elementary school age. Many have a very, very low interest level, low esteem level, and have not had the appropriate skills to be in a college ESL class. Usually, they are signed up at community colleges or adult school centers.

This is not to say that some do not want to learn the English language. Many do want to learn the language and do extremely well. They see that learning English is their path to success, their ticket to a good life, better goodies that the American culture has to offer.

Sometimes, there is a cultural issue of who should do the class work, and homework. In some cultures, the women do all the paper work. Why not, they do all the household work. There is an understanding that those skills are transferable. The men usually love to talk and they seem to do that best.

They are great when it comes to starting a conversation. Women seem to learn faster the written and reading compared to their spouse. If their spouse is absent, the women seem to do very well. They seem to be spirited by the absent of the spouse. The men, as stated do well in classroom conversation, and the chit-chat, but that gets them not too far.

That creates some despair and doubt on their part. Their general feeling is that they can do no wrong with just speaking. The men think that by just holding a conversation all is well. Of course, we know that is far from the truth. The story takes on this look, the women pass and the men are left behind.

This separation disturbs the spousal unit and soon the man refuses to allow his wife to attend the class. The school sees a major drop in enrollment and a panic goes out. The husband usually cites that there are too many other men looking and touching his wife.

When that is proven to be false, he still refuses to allow his wife to attend. She stays home and learns very little about the English language even though her husband depends on her to read, hold conversations, pay bills, and understand the English language.

Cheating is still a major issue in most classes, and it is hard to control. It seems, as though it is the students' mission to try and cheat his or her way to the next level, or assignment. Some of the students have said that it is not cheating. They are just helping their fellow classmate.

When they say the answers out loud that is the last straw for most teachers. Sometimes, it is hard to silence them. Many college teachers depend on the point system and give extra credit for being on time to class, and handing in your assignments on time and being quiet in class.

Then, you have those students who do what the teacher says and maintain a proper traditional classroom behavior.

Tardiness is popular with some students. Some of them stand outside the classroom or building smoking or talking with their friends long after the bell has rung, or the start of the class. They seem to want to make a grand entrance. It seems as though, there is some kind of power play going on with the instructor. These students seem to want to mock the system that is giving them a free money ride.

When teaching some of the high school, or middle school students you have to put up with them being late, but also eating and drinking in class. This is quite disturbing. It is okay to bring and drink water, but they kill the messenger and bring in food and sodas.

There have been times, when I have personally asked a female teacher to talk to female students about hygiene. It is not recommended to approach a female student directly. Sometimes, I would write hygiene issues on the board. Sometimes, I would do a lesson on hygiene and taking baths and brushing teeth. It works sometimes. Some students get the message and share it with others.

Talking in class is constant and needs to be under control. Most of the times the students are polite, however they have no clue that they should not be talking over the instructor, or interrupting a fellow student. Come see us at http://www.FASTTRACKPROBLEMSOLVING.INFO.

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