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10 Frequent Mistakes Teachers Make

July 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 224

If you're a teacher in Suriname, it means you have no covenant. Yes, this seems strange and odd, but I learned this Friday when I got sworn in. I asked the people if they have a list of rules of what teachers are ALLOWED to do and what they are NOT ALLOWED to do. The answer I got kept my mind spinning till I got home. They gave me an A4- draft with things a teacher isn't allowed to do. In short, I'll just mention what mistakes teachers often make.

1. When students don't listen to the teacher during the lesson, the teacher tends to yell/scream at them. The most common phrase would be: "Shut Up!" You should really try not to talk louder than the class. A good tip is to start an important topic which will be tested soon. Never mind those who don't hear you. They'll shush each other up eventually. Once they know this strategy, they'll never be loud in class. Never repeat yourself when they ask for a brief summary. Oh! Don't forget to evaluate.

2. When students don't do their homework, the teacher sends them out of the classroom.

Big Mistake, this one! Students actually enjoy staying out. If you still choose to send them out, put them right outside the door where you can actually see them work.

3. When a student challenges a teacher, she/or he touches the student on the shoulder. "Don't you dare talk to me like that boy!"

Never, never, never ever touch a student. You'll get sacked in no time. If that student might have an old injury on that spot, he/she may blame you for that. You'll be helpless! After all, you know your not allowed to touch people without any reason.

4. Teachers always give away too much information on topics.

Try not to do their homework for them. Give them just about enough information to work with. Otherwise they'll end up like I mentioned in point 1.

5. Some teachers laugh at a miserable child.

Always listen to a child or ask if you might be of any help. It's your duty to be there for them. Maybe this child is a victim of abuse or maybe his/her parents are divorcing. Children often see you as their friend. Once you have their trust, they'll be able to share anything with you. You'll see they'll even do their homework. You'll never have to ask to clean the blackboard. They'll do it for you.

6. Teachers argue with each other in front of students.

Come on! You're grownups. If you have something to say to each other, do it in the conference room or talk about it with the principle.

7. Teachers add points to particular student's paper.

I mean, you're sworn in. You vowed not to do that. Ever heard of "what comes around, goes around" "Law of Karma". Never do this unless...

8. Some teachers eat in front of the class at their table.

So this is really cruel. Some children haven't had breakfast in the morning. You can't eat in front of the class. Think about the poor kids who are hungry. If you made a rule, that no one will eat or drink in class, make sure that rule counts for you as well.

9. Some teachers don't prepare a lesson plan and magically appear with a topic for the day.

Always be prepared. That's rule number one. You can't just barge in with "Okay, today will deal with the Present Perfect". Nope... the kids will not be able to grasp a thing.

10. Teachers make phone calls, video calls or text message in front of the class. Come on! You only have 40 minutes to do one topic.

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