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Why Ask "Is Green Tea Decaffeinated?" - Are You Sensitive to Caffeine or Think It Is Bad For You?

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 176

Let me guess, are you sensitive to the stimulant caffeine? If you are, the answer to "Is green tea decaffeinated?"is No, not naturally. If you think the stimulant is bad for you, the answer is still No. There are benefits to having caffeine present in this green leaf product in naturally occurring proportions. You also might not like thinking about what you are drinking once you learn about the decaffeination processes.

Let me explain why you should learn a little about the decaffeination process. One process uses CO2, another uses ethylene acetate, and the third uses methylene chloride (restricted in the U.S.). Look up my article about this process. It includes a way to reduce the amount of stimulant by changing your brewing process and may shed more light on the question "Is green tea decaffeinated?"

So if you are sensitive to caffeine, you can choose whatever decaffeination method most appeals to you.

If you are not sensitive to caffeine, drink the regular green tea product because the decaffeination process removes approximately half of the antioxidants. These are the most important reason for drinking this beverage in the first place.

Obtain the maximum health benefits of antioxidants that fight free radicals by brewing the cut green leaves. Others can obtain the antioxidants in an extract capsule or in a nutritional supplement.

Keep in mind that this beverage contains only about 50 percent of the caffeine of an equal size cup of coffee. You could drink the green leaf beverage with a meal, which slows down the absorption rate.

Caffeine can be beneficial if you are consuming the antioxidants combined with regular exercise and a healthful diet as part of a weight loss program.

Now that you know the answer to "Is green tea decaffeinated?"you basically have two choices if you want to obtain the health benefits of the green tea antioxidants:

Choose the method of green tea decaffeination you prefer for consuming it decaffeinated. If regular green tea is desirable you can select from several qualities of cut leaf product, extracts in capsule form, or as an extract component in a nutritional supplement.

Choose your antidote for the free radicals that promote poor health and the onset of disease by drinking or taking an extract of decaffeinated or regular green tea.

You won't be disappointed with the onset of good health if you eat a healthful diet high in fruits and vegetables, get regular exercise, and take a nutritional supplement containing these powerful antioxidants.

To learn more about the supplements my family and I take, please visit my website.

Take a minute to visit now at

J. Peter Crane is an advocate of living a better life through better nutrition. Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, he'd rather spend money on good food and nutritional supplements than medical bills.

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