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Tea For Improved Efficiency

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 201

It is now recognized, the ability of Pu-erh tea to give enlightenment, wisdom, soothe the soul and open the sacred knowledge. Recent research in the field of medicine confirm the ability of correctly brewed Pu-erh tea to improve efficiency and invigorate much stronger than coffee, although caffeine content in it is insignificant. Pu-erh improves digestion, excretion of toxins, normalize metabolism, reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer.

For the most part Puer tea is produced in China, the technology is quite unusual and complex: the tea leaves are collected, processed to the level of green tea, and then subjected to fermentation - artificial or natural aging. In contrast to oxidation, which occurs due to chemical reactions, fermentation process is completely natural and time-consuming, which is why aging Puer lasts for several years.

With proper storage of elite tea gets better and more valuable by their taste characteristics and healing properties. In this sense, the variety is equal to the collector's wines, which over the years acquired a truly priceless quality, and a collection of vintage Puerh can be the subject of fierce bidding at an auction. In this price range, which are elite sorts of tea, often far exceeds the cost of vintage wines.

Tea made from leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, and the best grades are obtained from the leaves collected not from the tea bushes and the trees, but these teas today are sophisticated rarity. The older the tree, the subtle taste of Puer and brighter, but this is extremely rare, because in many specialized shops offer customers simplified analogs.

Knowledge of the basic foundations of the tea help to buy Puer tea is high quality: Pressed Puer has a distinct aroma of dried fruits and black soil, tiles should be solid, with no voids and cracks. The smell of mold suggests that the tea was stored properly, so this figure should be regarded as a signal violation of manufacturing technology and storage, and hence - poor quality Puer.

In the area of Yunnan Pu-erh,China, thanks to which this tea got its name, there are trees with a millennial history of the tea leaves are valued particularly highly. If the tea leaves are pressed immediately after drying, it turns out the so-called "green Puer," flavor that does not have a particular richness and unique bouquet of flavors. Elite Puer - mature, the process of manufacture consists of several stages, and the dried leaves are secondary drying and post-fermentation, which is achieved thanks to an unusually delicate taste and aroma.

In the forests of Vietnam, Laos and East India are found wild tea trees, which provide a smaller, but equally valuable crop. Their leaves are more delicate and subtle taste of the drink differs menthol aftertaste. This material does not tolerate rough handling, so it is made of sheets and not pressed Puer.

In many ways, taste and medicinal properties of tea depends on the correct preparation. Knowing how to brew tea, Puer, we can fully reveal its unique taste characteristics, to achieve maximum color saturation, and save all the useful properties. Art of brewing tea connoisseurs and curators transmitted traditions for centuries.

To prepare the drink is not recommended to use pottery as a strong smell and rich color of the tea soak clay. Ideal glass and porcelain bowls and small, which is supported by the required temperature and kept pristine color. Pu-erh can be brewed several times, the first brew should be the longest, 2nd and 3rd - less time, and subsequent to achieve the desired effect should be increased.

Toning and invigorating effects of tea on the organism tested each and does not require excessive reclamation. The relatively recent discovery became the comparative characteristics of elite Puer and just loved the natural lovers of doping organic coffee.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee attributed to the ability to restore power and give the tone throughout the body does not pale in comparison with the charge of energy, which gives Puer tea. The effect is a kind of natural doping while providing a low content of caffeine, so you can drink Puer, even patients with hypertension or ulcers, nervous disorders and sleep disorders.

The unusual effect of Puer identified by researchers in the field of nutrition. Regular use of tea beverage is marked active ability to accelerate the metabolism and stimulate weight loss, cleansing the blood and starting the process of splitting cholesterol.

In addition to the healing and rejuvenating properties, are marked by physicians and totally unique features that gets brewed with different technologies Puer tea. Intoxication - one of those features. Easy stage of euphoria similar to that which occurs when the use of wine, can occur if improperly brewed tea, as well as excessive use of Puer on an empty stomach.

Use the power of pure Tea k cups for improved efficiency and strength.

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