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Fruity Green Tea Blends

May 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 174

Fruity green tea is the answer to many people's woes and a great drink that many of us could benefit from. Not sold on it yet? Here we will look at the benefits of fruity green tea and just why you should add it to your diet.

First of all it's important to admit that all of us can benefit from a hot drink from time to time. Warm drinks are somehow incredibly relaxing and comforting and many of us have in fact come to associate warm drinks with being relaxed. If you want to something to nurse while you watch TV, or if you want to make your mornings a little less painful, then you are going to need a hot drink that can fill your insides with warmth and that can really invigorate you at the same time as feeling a bit like a hug from a friend.

However at the same time there are definitely downsides to drinking regular tea and coffee - the biggest problem here is of course the caffeine. While caffeine can be great for waking you up, at the same time it unfortunately also has some rather unwanted side effects and will make you jittery and even shaky if you drink it in too large quantities. At the same time some people will suffer from headaches from caffeine, or from a lack of caffeine which can cause withdrawal symptoms causing the blood vessels in your brain to dilate. Caffeine is addictive and if that wasn't enough reason to avoid it, tea and coffee can also very seriously stain your teeth over time.

Green tea is the answer then to your problems. For one, it doesn't include any caffeine (in most cases) which means you can drink as much as you want without getting jittery. Furthermore it won't stain your teeth (though it is still acidic and can damage the enamel so don't go crazy) and it doesn't include milk which means you won't be increasing your cholesterol or taking in more fat (or using up too much milk which can get a little expensive after a while).

At the same time green tea is still just as warming and just as comforting, and the lack of caffeine makes it great for drinking before bed. At the same time though it also has other benefits which you can enjoy. For instance if you did want a pick me up and to increase your energy levels without caffeine then green tea can still help you. The reason for this is that it includes natural sugars which your body can convert into energy and which will help wake you up in the morning. Furthermore green tea is known for its high quantity of antioxidants - antioxidants being a substance that can help your body to eliminate the free radicals that can otherwise bombard and damage your cells. Over time an abundance of free radicals will damage your skin cells resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and other skin imperfections, and can even break all the way through in order to cause mutations that might lead to cancer.

And that's not to mention the delicious fruity taste...

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