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Drinking Tea - The Top 5 Health Benefits

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 154

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It is an aromatic drink which is prepared by adding the leaves of tea plant to hot water. There are numerous tales and stories about the discovery of this relaxing beverage. The most famous tale is from China where it was discovered accidentally when the leaf of the plant fell into the pot of hot water which was being prepared for the Chinese Emperor. Tea was introduced in the west in the beginning of 17th century. It reached America in 18th century and Boston Tea party marked the beginning of American's war of independence. With time new flavors and styles of tea developed. The most significant was the development of tea bags by a New York merchant. This invention lowered the cost of the tea and it became the world's favorite beverage.

The health benefits of drinking tea were recognized with its discovery. It was used for treatment of infectious diseases and common cold. It also helps the digestive system and nervous system of the body. Comprehensive research and studies have now established the facts that tea has various health benefits. The top 5 health benefits of drinking tea can be summarized as following:

1. Anti-ageing - tea contains anti-oxidants which help in reducing the free radical present in the body. Green and black teas are known to have 10 times greater anti-oxidant than in any fruit or vegetable. There are a number of anti-oxidants present in tea like polyphenol, thearubigins, epicatechins and catechins. Regular tea consumption increases the anti-oxidants capacity of the blood. The flavonoids present in the tea are anti-oxidants which protects the cells of the body from the active oxygen free radical.

2. Reduces heart attacks and strokes - studies have shown that drinking three cups of tea daily can reduce the risk of heart attacks. It helps in keeping the arteries clog free from cholesterol. The anti-oxidants present in the tea protect the body from the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Tea has anti-thrombotic properties which help in keeping the blood vessels smooth. Heart diseases are less common in japan and china where tea is consumed on a regular basis.

3. Tea protects the bone - drinking tea prevents osteoporosis. A study, the result of which was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has shown that tea drinkers had more bone density than the non-drinkers. Phytochemicals present in the tea helps in preventing the bone loss. Caffeine present in the tea enhances the secretion of calcium in the body and thus helps in preventing osteoporosis.

4. Tea enhances the immune system -anti-oxidant polyphenol helps in increasing the regulatory T cells in immune system. A T cell balances the immune system and helps the body in fighting with the diseases attacking the body. It helps in keeping the immune system alert and fights with the viruses and bacteria.

5. Tea protects against cancer - the anti-oxidants present in the tea can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Clinical trials on animals have shown that catechins present in tea can control the growth of cancer cells. Green tea is considered more effective than black tea for treating cancer.

There are other numerous benefits of drinking tea. It keeps the body hydrated without any calories. It increase the metabolism of the body and thus aid in weight reduction. Keeping in mind the above states benefits of tea, it has rightly been said as 'elixir of immortality'.

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