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Can Tea Lower Blood Pressure?

February 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 131

Many people ask: "can tea lower blood pressure?" If you are looking for natural solutions to aid in lowering hypertension, there are teas that can aid in this and there are studies to document it.

There are at least three different answers to the question: "can tea lower blood pressure." Tea can have a positive affect on susceptibility to hypertension; herbal tisanes can act as diuretics; and some blends can act as vasodilators.


If you love green tea or oolong tea, here is very good news for you. A study published in the July 26, 2004, issue of Archives of Internal Medicine showed that drinking half a cup or more of green tea or oolong tea every day for a year or more can lower the risk of hypertension by 46 percent. Even better, drinking two and a half cups of either beverage daily cuts the risk by 65 percent.

This study examined the effects of tea drinking over several decades in 1,507 residents of Taiwan who drink mostly green tea or oolong tea. The researchers were careful to account for the kind and amounts consumed, together with variables like obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, salt intake, and vegetable consumption. This study provides solid evidence that the answer to the question, "Can tea lower blood pressure?" is yes!


Medical diuretics are often prescribed as part of a medical regime to control hypertension. They function by reducing the amount of fluid in the body, thereby lessening the pressure in blood vessels.

Many herbs are natural diuretics, causing the kidneys to excrete excess liquid from the body. There are numerous diuretic tisanes available that are either single diuretic herbs or blends of herbs which contain natural diuretics. Also some blends of green, black and oolong tea contain herbs that are diuretic. Can tea lower blood pressure? Many herbal teas certainly can.


Medicinal vasodilators are also prescribed to control hypertension. These medicines work by expanding the blood vessels allowing blood to flow more freely.

Capsaicin is a natural vasodilator which occurs in a number of spices and herbs, particularly in spicy peppers. Some of those spices and herbs can be found in tea-like beverages on the market, or they can be added to your favorite tea.


There is also an emotional or behavioral component to hypertension. The way our bodies tense under the pressures of modern society often increases hypertension - tense muscles can constrict blood vessels and constricted blood vessels mean higher pressure in the blood vessels.

In contrast, taking the time to relax and truly savor a favorite cuppa can ease a person's entire being. The resulting relaxation will surely moderate hypertension.

An experiment to try: take your blood pressure before having your tea. Then in a leisurely fashion brew and drink your tea. When you cup is empty, take your blood pressure again. If you give yourself the gift relaxation while drinking your tea, you will have your own personalized answer to "Can tea lower blood pressure?"

Golden Mountain Tea House caries a wide variety of teas and herbal tisanes. Our offerings include teas that have a beneficial effect on health.

For more on how drinking tea can lower blood pressure visit

Author: Susan B. Lindsey

Source: EzineArticles
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