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Excision Tattoo Removal - It Works!

April 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 264

"In this article I'll discuss a specific type of removal, one which I recommend...."

Excision tattoo removal works well on small to medium sized images, and most companies do guarantee complete removal.

The Surgical Excision Method not only works on larger images, but is really geared towards small and medium designs. This type of removal does involve removal of skin where the actual ink or dye was used during the initial creation of the design. In many cases the technician will put in stitching close to the edges to propagate healing. Although this sounds complicated; it's not. In fact it is relatively easy and the patient should be aware of this. These procedures are normally done in medical clinics by licensed doctors and surgeons.

What about infections? Yes, to prevent infections the patient will take antibiotics prior to the surgery. This protects the body after removal. If this sounds like it's going to hurt, rest assured that although there will be some pain, nothing compared to when the actual image was placed on the body, as local anesthesia is used on the area to dull the pain.

The skin of the tattoo is then cutaway; the epidermis and the dermis are removed in what is known as a "Full Thickness Removal." The surgeon then stitches the skin closed with special sutures, which allows it to heal and leaves a small scar.

Removal by excision is normally used primarily on small images because it requires less skin removal and can be completed in one session.

The larger the image, the more sessions a patient may need to completely remove everything. Depending on the size, the wound may take up to a few months to completely heal. If it is especially large, the surgeon may need to perform a skin graft to help the wound heal. This procedure adds to the pain of the tattoo removal and lengthens the healing process.

Excision tattoo removal is preferred over some other removal methods because it usually results in smaller scars. It's also less painful than some other procedures and is an Outpatient process, avoiding hospitalization.

The procedure is also not as painful as others because of the local anesthetic. The cost is also much lower than other methods; around $150-$350, depending on where you have the procedure carried out, the clinic, and the size of the design. (Please note that the price mentioned would be an approximate cost for removing a small image.)

Removal by excision has a success rate of 95 percent; although there are risks, as with any medical procedure, however excision removal has much less associated risks.

Known risks include infection of the skin graft site, pigmentation (if exposed to the sun), scarring, reactions to the anesthetic, and temporary bleeding, bruising, inflammation, and tenderness.)

Infections and reactions to the anesthetic could lead to hospitalization, prolonging the removal process. Also, if the tattoo is much deeper than normal, a deeper cut must be made to remove the ink and these deep cuts naturally take longer to heal.

The cost of your tat removal may also become more expensive than another removal method if the tattoo is extremely large. Again, excision removal is best for very small tattoos.

Patients should avoid smoking, drinking, or excessive physical activity before and after the procedure to quicken the healing process. Excision tattoo removal is simply cutting out the image and stitching the skin back together.

Allen J. Pollick; author of a landmark book on safely and effectively removing tattoos, covering 15 different methods of removal, including 7 do it yourself methods.

Find the information you need to make an informed and intelligent decision as to which method you may want to use to remove those unwanted images or designs.

For more information please visit us at

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