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Dia De Los Muertos Tattoos

May 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 612

Dia de los Muertos tattoos- what are they and why are they significant? To help us understand what they are we need to break down the term into two distinct parts namely: Dia de los Muertos and tattoos. Most of us are already familiar with tattoos but just in case you don't know what they are - these are marks made on the human body with an indelible design. These marks are made by inserting pigments into punctures made on the skin by the use of an electric needle. That said; let us now look at the term Dia de los Muertos. As you might have probably guessed, this is a Mexican term that refers to the day of the dead. By the above breakdown we can now learn that the term Dia de los Muertos tattoos stands for marks made on the human body that are meant to honour their dead loved ones.

Before we shed more light on the significance of these tattoos we need to understand a bit of history about this "day of the dead" for us to be able to appreciate the relevance of the marks. Earlier on we revealed that the term Dia de los Muertos was a Mexican term that stood for day of the dead. The question now remains, how was this day formed and how did it come to be celebrated? To answer this question, we need to go back 3,500 years ago when a group of people known as the Aztecs lived. Back then, the Aztecs had a month-long celebration to honour their deceased. The celebrations were meant to welcome the spirits of the departed souls back to earth. It was in these celebrations that they would collect and display skulls. The skulls were meant to symbolize life, death and re-birth. These are usually the marks that are used to showcase that one has Dia de los Muertos tattoos.

Spanish conquistadors soon infiltrated the land that is currently known as Mexico. They believed in the Catholic faith and they tried to convert the natives (Aztecs) to abandon their rituals and pagan observance. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. Unknown to them, their attempts to quash the ritual actually enabled it to evolve and even coincide with famous catholic holidays such as the All Souls day and the All Saints day. As the world continued to evolve the Aztecs were soon wiped out but their culture remained firm and evolved. Today, the people of Mexico commemorate their dead by bearing Dia de los Muertos tattoos on their bodies instead of collecting and displaying skulls as was the case with the Aztecs.

That said; here are a few things to keep in mind about the Dia de los Muertos tattoos.

·First of all, the tattoos mainly comprise of sugar skulls that are etched on the human bodies.

·Secondly, if you're not comfortable with the tattoo of a sugar skull on your body then you can remember your loved ones by embedding a tattoo of their portrait on your body, their favourite food and drinks and even their favourite toys.

·Finally, most of these tattoos are embedded into the skins of people starting from the 31st of October of every year, since this is the period that they believe that the gates of heaven open and the souls of the dead visit their loved ones on earth.

Dia de los Muertos tattoos continue to grow in popularity even though they face stiff opposition from Christians and Catholic followers. These tattoos are not showing any signs of dying down any time soon.

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