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Butterfly Tattoos - The Struggle to Achieve

April 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 120

People strive towards many things. These goals are usually a product of a person's ambitions. Almost everyone has dreams and these usually are made or set by them for various reasons. Butterflies are a good animal symbolism for one's aspirations. This also means that to dream and follow such dreams is represented by butterfly tattoos. In many ways butterfly tattoos are like a person's dreams and aspirations. This also includes the importance of having dreams and reaching for it. However, the question is why butterflies get equated with dreams.

The reality of a butterfly as a creature is part of the reason why it is used to symbolize dreams and the pursuit of the same. Butterflies have considerable variety, color and interesting lives. This can be likened to how an individual is made unique by his or her motivations. The pursuit of a person of his or her goals in life is like the pupa's pursuit to be a butterfly. The movement towards objectives is an integral part of being human. This has led to the use of symbolism such as butterfly tattoos to be used.

It is a clear and direct expression of belief in dreams when people have butterfly tattoos. This also outlines the value of such as well as the importance of pursuing them. This also affirms that having to follow dreams is not easy and is always difficult journeys. Radical and challenging change is needed to be undertaken to be able to attain one's aspirations. The magnificent butterfly had to struggle as a pupa to become such. Transcending one's limits is also something that the butterfly represents.

Butterfly tattoos also allude to freedom as a means to any goal and as a goal in itself. People have their own goals in life but to achieve that requires having the liberty to pursue them. Butterflies, which the tattoos are based on, are closely associated with the idea of freedom and attaining the same. Its life is a constant struggle to be free to fully realize its own potential. This culminates into the colorful creature everyone recognizes. There is a secondary symbolism linked to it. The act of getting it is also a powerful expression of freedom.

When an individual decides and actually gets a butterfly tattoo is an unambiguous expression of his or her resolve to pursue his or her dreams with determination. This also is indicative of the level of importance that people put on dreams and the strength to attain them. It is, in fact, an essential human quality that is why it is subject to symbolism. These tattoos serve as a tangible reminder of this valuable notion.

Dreams which are an important part of human existence are embodied by butterfly tattoos. They are part of what motivates a person as well as serves as the measurement of what that person wants to attain. The creatures that butterfly tattoo designs recreate creatures that are powerful examples of the struggle to attain goals in life as well as the importance of the said goals. They also outline the value of pursuing one's aspirations with determination just like a pupa's drive to become a butterfly.

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