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Three Tips For Newbies To Become A Better Swimmer

January 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 157

If you ever watch the summer Olympics, you see swimmers glide through the water with the greatest of ease. It is as if these people are part men, and part fish. Most humans, when put in a pool, thrash around while barely keeping their head above water. Luckily for you, if you want to swim like one of these Olympians, you are in luck. While you may never glide like a fish, you can certainly improve enough to look good while swimming laps at your local pool. Here are three ways to become a better swimmer, if you are willing to put in the time and energy to practice.

First, focus on your body positioning. When you are swimming the most normal stroke, the freestyle, you should be completely horizontal in the water. That means that your head is down with your eyes looking straight down. You should not have a kink in your neck from looking forward. With your head and eyes down, your body is aligned correctly. While in this position, also focus on keeping your chest down and in the water, not out, otherwise your legs move down and you drag through the water instead of gliding. Nobody, of course, wants to drag through the water.

Next, think about breathing. Breathing, and comfort while breathing, is a critical component to becoming comfortable while in the lake, ocean, or local pool. Since humans have to breathe air, but, as you read before, your head will be fully submerged and face down in the water, you need to get used to the breathing rhythm. Most people switch every two or four strokes, because they are comfortable breathing only to one side. That side is usually to the right for right handed people and two the left for left handed people. The best swimmers, though, can breathe on both sides, and alternate breathing every three strokes. This is critical if you want to get better, because three strokes is about the perfect breathing pattern for a new or even moderate swimmer. Practice on both sides, and you will catch on quickly.

Last, you should focus on rolling your body when you breathe. Many beginning swimmers just turn their head to the side, potentially putting pressure on their neck and definitely creating drag in the water. This motion also causes you to expend too much energy for something as simple as taking a breath. Rolling your body to the left and the right on every third stroke will help.

There are lots of little tips to help you become a better swimmer, but nothing is more important than simply getting in the pool! The more you swim the more comfortable you are in the water, and if you focus on these three tactics you will be swimming like an Olympian in no time!

Once you get your swimming down, consider heading to lifeguard training, where you can get trained and get your lifeguard certification today!

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