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Whirlpool Tubs Are a Great Investment: Install and Maintain Your Tub for Relaxation or Stress Relief

July 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

Whirlpool tubs, also known as Jacuzzis or hot tubs, became popular in America in the 1960s. They were a common party destination for young people of that era. While that use hasn't gone out of style, they're popular for other reasons these days. The warm water and bubbly jets are excellent for everyday relaxation and stress relief, and also have found many applications for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Selecting a Tub

Whirlpool tubs can be divided into two basic groups. Of course, there are the large tubs, big enough for several people, which are typically what people expect such a tub to look like. But there are also smaller versions available, which are basically a regular-sized tub with jets.

Large tubs, generally big enough for at least 2 people, have not lost their popularity. Many couples love to enjoy them together, and they also allow for a single person to stretch out and really relax without being cramped. Many spas, gyms, and therapy centers, as well as gathering places such as hotels, will install one or more very large tubs for multiple people to use.

The smaller models are generally intended to fit right in to an average home bathroom. They are the same size (or only slightly larger) than a standard tub, which makes them an excellent choice for people with small spaces who still want to reap the benefits of a whirlpool.

Installation of a tub must begin with selecting the space. The tub needs to fit comfortably in the space, allowing for entry and exit as well as the extra machinery and components required to run the tub. When the space has been evaluated and a properly sized tub has been selected and purchased, the installation can begin.


Before beginning installation, remember that this is a complex process, and it will take multiple days. Installation should only be attempted by people who know what they're doing. The tub and its installation are very expensive, and any mistake could cause big problems.

If the tub is being installed in a new construction, the space around it can be designed to suit it. This is substantially easier than installing a tub in an existing space. Taking out old fixtures and plumbing and clearing the space can be complex and time-consuming (not to mention replacing wall or floor coverings). Many people install large tubs on specially-built outdoor decks or patios, partly to enjoy the great outdoors and partly to avoid the demolition involved in indoor installation.

When the demolition of an old space is done, or the new space has been created for the tub, the plumbing is next. Drain pipes, input pipes, lots and lots of pipes are required to connect the tub to the rest of your water system. A whirlpool tub also requires power components to run the jets, which should only be installed by a qualified electrician, since the power will be so close to water.

When all of the behind-the-scenes components are in place, it's time to put the tub itself in and hook it all up. Testing the jets and plumbing is crucial before moving on. The tub should be sealed in place with caulking to ensure that no water can leak into the walls and floor. Depending on the amount of demolition (or in a new construction), the walls and floor are next on the list. Tiles are popular for both because they are waterproof and easy to clean.

Maintaining Your Tub

Maintaining a whirlpool tub is not difficult, but it does require more work than a standard tub. The jet system needs to be kept clean to prevent corrosion or nasty bacterial growth. Make sure to avoid bath salts and high-sudsing soaps like bubble bath, because they will leave damaging residue in the system. Outdoor tubs should always be kept securely covered to protect it from the elements, and checked often to make sure no problems are arising.

A whirlpool tub can be an excellent investment, providing years of relaxation, stress relief, physical therapy, and enjoyment. A well-done installation and regular maintenance will eliminate problems and ensure that your investment is always available whenever you want it.

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