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Choosing a Pool Removal Company

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 95

While the entire process is not that difficult, there are certain things you'd do well to keep in mind before going ahead.

The very first thing you must ask yourself is about the kind of impact this decision would have on the resale value of your property. While there are not any definite answers to this question (as each property is different), there are a few factors you'd do well to take into consideration.

Important Considerations for choosing a pool remover (What should you look for when hiring a pool remover) The first thing you must ascertain is whether your pool removing contractor is licensed or not. If yes, it is important to get the license number and corroborate it with state's website. The next step is to check the credentials of the contractor by way of references. Checking for three references is a good indicator.

Once the initial two steps are done, make sure that all agreements with the contractor are in writing. Here it is also important to check the inclusion of cancellation penalty. Also, it is a good idea not to agree for front loading. This is because you would then need to sell out a whole lot of money ever before the commencement of actual work. Always remember not to pay more than 8-10% of the total amount upfront because there might a situation where in the pool removal contractor charges 50% of the fee, completed only 10% of the work and quits the assignment, thus leaving you stranded.

Another important consideration before hiring a pool remover is that you must obtain the pool removal permit for the same. Although you may be able to manage without it, a new owner may wish to make sure that you own a valid license. Meanwhile also make sure to decide beforehand as to who would pay/get the permit and include it in the contract.

Finally, never ever forget to include the right to rescind in the original agreement. This would hold you in good stead especially if you decide to explore other contractors for removing your pool. Having the right to rescind would come handy in such situations.

Now that you've become familiar with the basic information pertaining swimming pool removal, it's time to move forward to the actual process itself.

Partial removal of the pool - top part.This process involves the removal of top tiled layer of the walls surrounding your swimming pool. Upon the completion of that process, the next step entails the drilling of holes on the bottom part. The punched holes are fitted with fine gravels which allow smooth drainage of residual water. Finally, the pool is compacted through dirt. The advantage of partial pool removal is that it paves the way for future landscaping in your backyard. Bottom part of pool removalThe removal of bottommost part is, by far, the most popular methodology for pool removal. In this process, fairly large-sized holes are made to the pool's bottom. They are then filled with gravels to pave the way for smooth water drainage, as in the case of the first procedure. The next step involves the removal of the top portion of gunite from the walls so as to accommodate the possibility of future landscaping. However, it would be prudent to cross-check with your local authorities to ensure whether you are allowed to do it in a legal manner. This is because many cities prevent you from unloading concrete in the pool. Absolute swimming pool removalIn case you're contemplating building a robust structure atop the pool, then complete demolition of pool is the only recourse you have. Under this important process, one needs to get rid of the entire gunite in addition to the pre-deployed steel in order to refill the pool with sand. It is a fairly cumbersome process that entails a lot of hard work. Quite naturally, it also increases the total expenses associated with the pool removal process. Following the removal of gunite, dirt is usually filled on the pool and then compressed on a frequent basis so as to retain the compactness of the sand and ensure its reusability

For more information on pool removal, please visit our website at We provide pool removal services to the USA.

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