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Disaster Preparedness, Before a Disaster Happens

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 141

In real-estate they say there are 3 important factors-"Location, location and location." In disaster preparedness there are three important factors; Prepare, prepare, & prepare... Preparing entails a plan and communication of emergency procedures with your family, friends and possibly your neighbors. The stakeholders should plan and practice evacuation procedures and escape routes as well as having regrouping or meeting place strategies for a more serious situation. Planing for sufficient emergency supplies for immediate survival needs in different situations is part of total preparedness. transition...

Communicating a plan to the people willing to be involved is a first step. Schools have emergency procedure packets and they practice fire and evacuation drills. The same kind of thing should happen for a home or office. The home and immediate family members are the inner circle of such a first step. Escape routes out a home and one or more agreed upon meeting places should be established by the occupants of a home. Escaping from a second story or from a basement must be addressed. Alternate escape routes if passages are blocked must be considered. Each home and geographic location is different and each family should discuss and establish a plan that is best for them. transition...

Escaping from a home and having one or more meeting locations close to the home is important and a first step. However, what if a larger disaster forces an evacuation further from home. What if there is an emergency while the family is separated at work, school or during other activities. What if going back to a home is not an option? There must be a plan to meet at one or more safe, prearranged locations. These places could include a school site, a church facility, a friend's home, or many other options. Who is going to go where and what is to happen first, second, third and so on should be part of a detailed plan. How much time will be given before plan "A" progresses to plan "B" that might turn into plan "C" and so on are questions that should be asked and answered... The bottom line is that several thoughtful plans should be made, but begin with a single basic plan and progress to different scenarios. transition...

Once an evacuation or escape has been successful the surviving people will now need supplies. First among these is water. People can survive the least amount of time without water. It has been written that about a gallon per person is recommended. However a person can survive on less than that if it is absolutely necessary. Having the ability to cleanse and purify water might be an easier route to go than to store and transport heavy gallons of water. In addition to water, food should be considered. Much of the time there is food items one can grab from shelves and a refrigerator at home. Ultimately, it would be best to have a designated container with a variety of food items that can be quickly grabbed and taken during an evacuation. Apart from food-clothing, shelter, sleeping gear, as well as lighting and fire making supplies are to be part of a survival kit. transition...

Needless to say each family or group of people will have different needs. But, there are also emergency supplies and preparations that are common to most families and groups. A realization of the need for emergency planning is evident all around us and in the news on a regular basis. Communication and someone assuming leadership in the area of disaster preparedness is the first step to surviving an emergency. Taking action to plan for a home evacuation or a more serious extended evacuation away from a home can relieve confusion and fear. Having the right supplies and ability to sustain drinkable water would be part of a total plan for disaster preparedness. is a site to provide supplies for better emergency preparation. Being prepared for emergencies means having the right supplies such as an emergency kit, first aid kit, or survival gear. Survival kits should be in the home, car, and work place. To be better prepared come visit us today at

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