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Understanding Differences Between Longboard, Funboard, and Shortboard Surfboards

March 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 183

People who are surfing for the first time should be selective in the kind of surfboard that they choose, as this will help to determine the amount of fun that they will have.

In learning to surf, it is normally suggested that individual's rent the surfboard that they will be using for as this gives them a chance to test various shapes and size surfboards. Once you have rented the surfboard, it is believed that people are better prepared to buy a board that suits their surfing needs.

Learning the different types of surfboards will aid you in selecting the right one for you.

Types of Surfboards

There are various types of surfboards available to people that want to surf, some of these boards are:

Shortboard Surfboards - These kinds of surfboard allows for better wave control and uses a great deal of speed as oppose to the longboard. People are capable of movement that sees the surfer turning and cutting back more rapidly so that they can stay ahead of the wave. Having a shortboard puts the surfer in the position of catching the wave when it is closer to breaking.

Funboard Surfboards - The type of surfboard that falls in the middle of the longboard and the shortboard. It has some of the characteristics of the long board, as it is wider and longer than a conventionally styled short board, but the features it have for the short board is that it is lighter and lends to a better maneuvering. The fun board, like the long board had its place, but is just as popular as the traditional longboard design.

Longboard Surfboards - this type of surfboard is the oldest kind, as this was the first type of surfboard that people rode the waves on. The 1960's had different shapes of surfboards that were utilized for different purposes. The physical appearance of the boards was wider and they felt heavier than those used today. If for some reason your decision is to ride the waves on a longboard, then you need to choose a board that is suitable for your weight and speed maneuver. Once you used a thinner, lighter and narrower board then you are able to stay with faster breaking waves, although you may not be able to catch waves so easily. The long boards are much simpler for learning.

There surfers who only ride longboard surfboards and likewise there are people who are die-hard short boarders. In the world of surfing, you will find that there are people who have ridden both styles surfboards and will have both the long and short so as to match the type wave at the time.

Jay runs where you can find many of the boards described above.

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