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Top Five Ways to Prepare For A Del Mar Surfing Lesson

February 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 123

Any visit or prolonged stay on the coast of Southern California is best marked with the experience of learning to surf. While taming the waves might seem like a sinking proposition, there are five ways you can prepare to make the experience glide into success. We encourage anyone taking Del Mar surfing lessons to prepare with the following:

One. Push-ups. OK, do I really have to put myself through a personal boot camp prior to going surfing? No, but light training will help come lesson day! Most new surfers are amazed how muscles they never really have worked in different activities become sore from surfing. If you have some time leading up to your surfing lesson in Del Mar, some basic upper body strength will help you pop up to the standing position much easier.

Two. Yoga is another great cross-training activity leading up to a Del Mar surfing lesson. There is a reason many of the top surfers in the world are also yoga practitioners. While strengthening your core, working on balance translates well to the balance used when surfing. If you are staying or live near the Del Mar area, the grassy park on 15th street is a perfect place to breath in the ocean air, practice your yoga, and enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves you will soon surf.

Three. The evening before or the day of Del Mar surfing lessons, we recommend eating a light meal. Leading up to most of any exercise, a heavy meal typically is a bad idea. Del Mar is full of great options for food whether it be some tacos at the Brig, a long list of options around the Del Mar Plaza, or some food and ambiance at Burlap.

Four. Be flexible in many ways. The ocean has an ever-changing mind of its own. Sometimes finding the right parking spot requires flexibility. The beach for the locations might not have the right conditions. Instructors might relocate the lesson the morning of to give you a better experience. The whole experience will go better if you are prepared to be flexible. Welcome to an aspect of the surfing culture. And please note, Del Mar has a mixture of free and paid parking. Parking meters are strictly enforced.

Five. Be ready to get wet. Sounds funny right? At Del Mar surfing lessons, many times vacationers come to a lesson mentally unprepared to submerge their head underwater. Instructors will always try to limit your wipeouts and waves crashing into you by techniques such as lifting you over waves. However, wipeouts happen. They are fun. Embrace the idea of you going underwater, getting splashed in the face and all round having fun.

With these five preparations, you are in good hands with a professional instructor. They will give you the details of the surfing lesson making sure you are ready to enter the surf. Whether you learn in Del Mar, Hawaii, Australia or more, your first lesson in surfing will be a day you remember for the rest of your life. Best of luck and see you in the water!

Enjoy more tips on our blog:

James Thompson, author of The San Diego Surfing Guide, has surfed throughout the world in waves up to 45 feet. While surfing professionally, he found a passion in introducing the sport to people who have not yet experienced the fun. Being both a great competitor in small waves and well versed in riding big waves, he has unique insight which, translates well into teaching or coaching surfers of all skill levels. Learn more at

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