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Surf Puerto Rico - The Caribbean Stoke

February 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 115

If you want to paddle out into the most sought after 20 mile stretch of solid surf in the Caribbean, then northwest Puerto Rico is the spot for you. If you like to feel an offshore trade wind propel you into the line-up as it hollows out those sweet pulsing swells, pack your bags.

One of the really cool things about PR is that it's a US territory so you don't need a passport and unlike most of the other Caribbean islands it won't cost you a fortune to get a flight. You can always get a flight to Puerto Rico, even if you book it at the last minute for pretty cheap, all year round.

After you get there you'll be stoked to see all of the killer surf spots that can accommodate everyone from the kooks, groms all the way up to the salty old dogs.

So Where are the Waves?

If you're looking for some chill easy waves, you'll want to trek to Marias and Domes. When you want to step it up you can drop in on Wilderness and Tres Palmas. If there is a big swell rollin' in then you can check out some killer suck outs like Crashboats and Gas Chambers.

Of course you gotta hit those everyday reef breaks like Jobos and Middles. (Home of the last Rip Curl Search) Trust me, there is a break for everybody and there is always some kind of swell going on.

When Should I Go?

The best swells are always goin' off between November and April. In that six month time frame there are cold fronts dropping off the east coast and into the Atlantic which churn up a killer north swell that is funneled directly into Northwest Puerto Rico.

How do I Get There?

You'll want to fly into (BQN) the airport in Aguadilla instead of San Juan. It's located right in the middle of all the action, surf spots and it's an arm's length from the ocean. Beware of this airport because its schedule is completely wacked out. This means you'll probably arrive and depart at 4am (I know it's crazy weird) and don't go to the airport hammered or you'll be barred from flying and get to enjoy another day in PR.

Where am I Gonna Stay?

If you got a good cash flow situation check into Villa Montana in Isabela. It will run you about $150 a night, and totally worth it! You've got plenty of other places to choose from that are cheaper like Ocean Avenue guesthouses, Homeaway on the beach in Jobos or actually just Google it and you can take your pick.

Hot Chicks and Dudes

This isn't a wild and crazy party scene like Rio or even San Juan. But don't get discouraged because your chances of running into or hooking up with some good looking specimens of the opposite sex are pretty damn good.

Hit up Tamboo or Casa Verde after the sun goes down any night of the week and the chances of you getting froggy, wild and weird are pretty good.

The Crowd Factor

You know there has gotta be a downside right? You can't have consistent surf and easy access to world class beaches without crowds. Get ready to deal with thick crowds if the surf is smaller and confined to the best beaches.

When the surf gets bigger than 6 feet it'll really thin out the crowds but the top spots will usually get heavy and unless you're a local (Or paddling out with Kelly Slater) be ready to deal with some local aggro at spots like Gas Chambers and Crashboats.

What Happens if the Surf is Flat?

For the most part this ain't gonna happen, but if it does you just gotta mix it up a little bit. You can go snorkelling at Shacks Beach at the Blue Lagoon. You can lounge at a couple of fun ass waterfalls off the beaten path and even go horseback riding if that's your thing.

If you have time though there is one thing you really gotta do. When you're in Rincon check out Villa Cofresi at sunset and order a "Pirate Special" (You can send me an e-mail to thank me later.)

Bonus Tips

I'm calling these two tips a bonus because I forgot to put them in the main part of the article but they are defiantly worth mentioning.

· Jet Blue and Spirit charge $50 per (each) board. They will always open up your bag at the counter, so keep that in mind (if you know what I mean)

· Watch how the locals enter and exit the breaks, if you haven't surfed on a reef before a sea urchin enema really sucks.

Griffin Smith is a Surfer and a Writer. He lives in Cocoa Beach, FL with his beautiful wife Lani and their Boston terrier Lola.

He is also the author and owner of the notoriously famous surf blog

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