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Surf Getaway to Central America

February 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

The summer could come quicker than you think.This winter, for most areas of the United States, has been more on the warm side with a few spurts of cold weather, but for the most part, it's been bearable.If you're like me, you might already be mentally planning your next surf trip to one of the many exotic locations throughout the world.The most popular and rather obvious choices include Hawaii, Fiji, Bali Indonesia and Australia.However, with the high level of tourism in these areas, it may be difficult to feel good about an actual surf vacation to one of these locales.

Enter Central America.The beauty that resonates along the pacific coast of countries like Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and Nicaragua should be reason enough to want to spend your next surf vacation in Central AmericaHowever, there are more convincing reasons why Central America should receive heavy consideration for your next surf vacation.

Uncrowded waves are at the top of the list.There are so many breaks to decide from in Central America, many of which are accessible by boat only.Southern Nicaragua boasts some of the most popular surfing beaches like Playa Maderas.As you travel further North, you will find the lineups getting emptier.Freight Trains is an epic left that breaks on an off-shore sand bar.Known to have rides of up to 400 meters, this wave benefits from nearly 300 days of off-shore winds.Since you can only access this break via boat, you are sure to stay stoked for days to come...and then some.

Costa Rica, probably the more popular of the countries in Central America that offer surf vacation packages and surf camps has some excellent waves at Playa Hermosa and Playa Jaco.El Salvador's less-trodden east has a number of unspoiled breaks like Las Flores and Punta Mango.Although Panama is still a relatively new destination for surfing in Central America, there are some great reef breaks in the Bocas Del Toro islands.

Whether you're wanting to learn to surf at any one of the many surf camps in Central America, or you want to enjoy some superb conditions on a week long surf session with your best friends, Central America has great options that are simply perfect for a summer surf getaway.As a friendly reminder, be sure to find a surf camp that offers all inclusive accommodations.This will allow you to stay focused on surfing and nothing else.Many surf camps also carry an extensive quiver of surfboards for your convenience.

With summer around the corner it's no surprise that you'll find yourself looking for the right destination for your surf vacation.Where ever you choose to go, just remember to enjoy the ride.

Stay Stoked.

It's time to go surfing! Visit and book your next surf vacation. If you're a beginner, wanting to learn, or an experienced charger, stay at all-inclusive beachfront accommodations and surf crowd-free waves. Guaranteed fun at

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