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Benefits of EPA Supplements

April 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 86

There are plenty of advantages of taking DHA supplements that people have described on prior posts but there's also other supplements that contain additional omega three essential fatty acids. As in opposition to just getting DHA, combine this with EPA (eicosapentaenoic acidity) and you will see extra benefits.

The advantages of getting EPA, along with DHA, tends to be numerous. EPA is often taken to alleviate inflammation within the joints or even inflammation inside your muscles. For anyone who is exercising taking some kind of EPA Supplement is really a must with regards to recovery. EPA may also help decrease your triglycerides. There has been studies that show that EPA may also help fight cystic fybrosis as well as type 2 diabetes. EPA is thought to posses a few beneficial characteristics for psychological conditions. It's believed to assist prevent schizophrenia.

Other studies show numerous additional mental conditions that EPA might help fight. The increase in EPA consumption might help reduce depressive disorders and eventually help fight off suicidal tendencies. In research conducted last year, researchers acquired blood samples of 100 suicide attempt victims. When these researchers compared their blood to a control group they discovered that their EPA amounts were reduced from those of the control group. In an additional study performed last year researchers analyzed patients getting omega 3 supplements and found that patients who had greater DHA and EPA consumption had much less depression symptoms.

More recently, a study was carried out in 2011 showing that children taking EPA had reduced hyperactivity and experienced less attention symptoms compared to those from the placebo group.

Now, nearly all Americans don't get enough EPA within their diets because as is the same with DHA it's not that prevalent within our everyday diet. It is principally consumed through eating oily fish. The most typical types of fish which contain EPA are cod liver, herring, mackerel, salmon, menhaden as well as sardines. The reason that it's not present in most fish is because they don't produce this naturally. The only real reason some eventually possess EPA is in the algae these fish consume. Apart from fish, EPA can also be found within human breasts milk. The only real other method that humans could possibly get EPA in their systems is when their body converts alpha-linolenic acidity to EPA. The problem with this is alpha linolenic acid is also not very common in our every day food. And even when our body does transform it in to EPA it's not absorbed as well as taking some sort of high quality EPA supplement.

For additional information on EPA Supplements visit our website. We have found some of the highest quality EPA supplements and we have also found some of the great uses for other omega 3 fatty acids.

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