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Visualize Like a Child and Supercharge Your Success

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 145

It's funny how different the world seems when you're a kid. There are so many fears, but also a lot of magic.

I remember going to Florida when I was eleven. I'd been once before when I was five. In my memory I could visualize the magical palm trees and swimming pools and the beautiful ocean.

I was thrilled at the prospect of going again.

When we arrived, my parents took my brothers and me to a bird sanctuary full of exotic, colorful creatures that seemed to come straight from a child's fantasy world.

I even got to hold them. I held my breath with magic and wonder (and a little fear) as the giant bird wrapped its giant claws around my tiny wrist. I started to feel afraid as I looked into its beady little eyes. I became painfully aware that it could take my face off with a single peck of its beak if it wished.

But it didn't.

It clutched my arm gently as I held it and stroked its feathers. The fear started to slip away for a moment. It came back in full force when we went to see the snakes.

I was terrified of snakes!

Even the harmless garter snakes I saw at home made me run away in terror. However, I couldn't let my older brothers see my fear. They'd never let me hear the end of it. This was the true test of my courage.

My parents wanted a picture of us holding a giant snake that looked like something from my worst nightmares. My heart pounded as the handler wrapped the reptile around my delicate shoulders.

I fully expected it to turn its head and devour me in a single gulp. Or maybe it would coil itself around my neck and squish the life out of me first! Instead, it just sat there. It slowly turned its head from side to side. Occasionally its little tongue would flicker.

When the handler came back, he lifted more than the weight of the snake from my shoulders. He lifted the weight of fear.

I realized that day that many of the things we dread so much never come to be.

Our fears usually aren't so drastic as adults. Sometimes they are even worse.

I'm not afraid of monsters under my bed, but if someone laughs at my ideas or my clumsiness when I try to learn something new it feels like the end of the world.

Childhood fears of being eaten by witches or werewolves or great big snakes have long faded. But the old cliché "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt" has always been a lie.

As adults, we tend to use visualization to hurt rather than help ourselves. Even the thought of being humiliated and ridiculed leave you paralyzed. These self imposed limitations can be debilitating.

The trick to a happy and successful life is to learn to use visualization so that it works for you instead of against you.

You can visualize success and build your self image. Once you know your value and self worth you can laugh at your temporary imitations. You'll be free to make mistakes and learn.

Think back to when you were a very young child. No one laughed at your first attempts at walking, running or talking. There's no reason for you to feel foolish when you're learning new things now.

With the power of visualization on your side, you can open the doors to new possibilities you may not even have thought of.

Discover how you can use visualization to tap into your Subconscious Power and improve anything in your life. Go to and get your Free report "Power Visualization Tips You Can Use Today"

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