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Ultimate Self Improvement - Finding Your Source of Power

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 131

Very few people in the world know how to unleash the full strength of their own mind and body. Even fewer know how to do it for their own good.

Just as the power of electricity can be used to help or kill, your mind is a vast source of power that can turn you into a hero or a victim. Nothing is worse than being a victim. It makes you powerless and unable to control your own destiny.

If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life, if you want to enjoy meaningful work and satisfying relationships, you must lose the victim mentality. If you sit around waiting for a savior, you could wait for an eternity.

You cannot wait or look to others to provide you with the perfect opportunity or the perfect partner. Once you realize that the outside factors of your life will not change until you do, you have taken the first step towards unleashing your power for your benefit.

Take a few minutes to determine what you absolutely must have to make the most out of this life. What kind of friendships and relationships do you want? What sort of work do you want to do?

Nothing wonderful will happen by accident.

You have to make things happen and to do that you have to know what you want. Don't be shy about it. Write it all down. What you are doing is creating a "wish list' for your life in much the same way as you would create a Christmas list or a birthday list.

Once you've got it all down, list everything you feel is holding you back. If you think that you can't make more money because you don't have certain skills, write them down. If you feel you can't have more friends because you're shy or because you have a bad temper, write it down.

Now the fun part begins!

It's time to get creative and brainstorm all of the ways you're going to achieve your goals. Start by listing the reasons why you think you might fail. These are the problems you need answers to. Beside each one of these, list some possible solutions.

Be creative and think outside of the box. For instance, you've got a product idea but you fear you can't sell it because you're too shy. Maybe you can find ways to sell you're more comfortable with. Maybe you can have someone else do it for you. Perhaps you can even overcome your shyness and become bold and charismatic. You'll never know what you can truly achieve until you learn how to use the full power of your subconscious mind.

Each night, go to bed with the intention of finding the perfect way to reach your goal. Write down any ideas you have when you wake up. Each day, take some kind of action to reach your goal. It can be a small action, so don't feel overwhelmed. It's the small actions repeated again and again that eventually move mountains. After a while, your Subconscious will get to work and you'll reach your goal in no time.

The trick is to be persistent and do this exercise for as long as it takes to make your dreams happen. Don't give up and you will find that all the pieces will come together in ways you never expected.

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