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Raising a Higher Standard - Constant Improvement and the Art of Success

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 166

" order to succeed and be happy, we've got to be constantly improving the quality of our lives, constantly growing and expanding."

Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within.

When we explore the qualities of the greatest minds in personal development and confidence course we will often find a willingness to experiment, and as with the famous inventor Thomas Edison, a willingness to fail often in order to succeed. Those of us who are too afraid of looking a fool to experiment much or are afraid of rejection, or being told we're not good enough, maybe letting the pain of avoiding failure get in the way of our achieving success. In the lives of the great and good examples such as Edison, Henry Ford and Richard Branson, there has been a common thread of willingness to experiment, to shift and to move towards a developing destination, a goal that grows as their lives moved towards it. Part of the drive is to grow a business, much of it is the joy of creation and of helping others as these men went on to change the world with their achievements. But there is more to it that just a drive to expansion.

It is the will towards excellence alongside Branson's adventurous spirit, alongside Ford's no-nonsense twentieth century dominance of the motor industry that sets them apart. Without this determination to be the best, Virgin and Ford may just have become the most profitable firms in their industry, and such measures of success only last a time. Look at poor old Kodak - an example of a giant unwilling to adapt to new times, now finding itself without a market. Kodak failed to embrace what Virgin and Edison, Ford, Dyson and Apple understand so well. These iconic names delivered the best in each of their fields, and when times changed, they delivered the best again, the next-gen version, being brave enough to take their expertise into new product or service areas when the opportunity arose - Music for Apple, Airlines and now banking for Virgin.

If we could boil it down, what is the essence of the thing that makes these names so successful? Is it their being cool? For Apple and Virgin, thus definitely helps. But Ford? Who knows if Edison was cool? Kodak were pretty cool once, right? But no. The common factor behind the success is: an overarching commitment to quality, and more importantly, standards that raise the bar on their industry competitors year on year. Look at the iPod/MP3 market. Look at iPhone/Android market. Its Apple and the rest making up the numbers. Look at Virgin Airways and their competitors, Virgin's branding and the perception of the flying experience offered. Virgin Airways was born years ago after a connection flight was cancelled, leaving Richard Branson stranded in a South American Airport. Instead of sitting on his suitcase and sighing over a long wait, Branson inquired about the cost of chartering a plane himself. He did the math, and worked out if he could fill the plane, he could split the costs at $39 a seat. So he got a blackboard, wrote and the destination and the seat price and Virgin airways was born. That's how it began. Great story. But look at what story has become. It has become an enviable firm, a desirable brand, an enjoyable experience, all by the virtue of seeking to constantly grow, constantly improve, constantly setting brilliant standards for itself, thereby setting the highest standards for and competition alike.

Implementing your new standards, exercises from confidence courses:

But what can you learn from this? Well, for these icons, it comes to down to values; what they decided were priorities. It follows then that we should start with what we believe is important in our lives.

You can do some work on looking at your beliefs, and tackling the ones which have been hampering your progress towards personal fulfilment. But first off, taking the example of these ever improving, constantly expanding icons, let us choose to raise our personal standards - starting now.

Think of the areas where you are aware that you are falling short - these may guilt pangs attached. If they do, great, because we are going to fix them.

Is it drink?...Bad language?...Laziness?...Overeating?...Lack of Exercise?...Lack of effort in a personal project?

If one of these habits is causing you trouble, or something like it, then it is essential to act in at least one of these areas today, and no more than three at once. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Cut down your drink, do some exercise, don't swear (use a silly word instead), take the stairs and go for a walk, turn off the flat screen.

Today it's time to start believing that you can live to a higher standard! Don't put it off.

The only way to create a positive belief is by fostering one through action to support it.

This could be the most important step you take. Because if you gain momentum, there will be no stopping you expanding your life to include the experiences you always dreamed of.

John Paul Williams Great Leap Publishing - information, motivation, inspiration,

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