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One Simple Tip to Be More Productive and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

Here's a simple way to allow yourself to get more done in a day, and stress less.

When you have a lot to do you can feel overwhelmed very easily, and overwhelm brings on what I call brain freeze. When you get "brain freeze" it's hard to think, and you are unable to achieve the tasks you need to.

So you start working on a project and everything else you need to do comes up in your mind at the same time, all wanting to be heard and taken care of. So you never do focus on one thing at a time and start achieving your tasks.

Sometimes this can happen because of fear - fear that it will never all get done, so what's the use, fear of failure, or even fear of success.

Or it might just be you need to prioritize your tasks. This will not only allow you to be more productive, but will alleviate at least some of the fear.

Of course, many people create to-do lists, but they don't prioritize the tasks on the list. Or even if they prioritize the task list, there are other tasks in another area of their life that are actually more important. That's why it's so easy for you to start thinking about something else when you're working on your task list.

So what you need to do is rank your tasks in their order of importance.

And to do that you need to think about all the commitments in your life. You probably have quite a lot of them, such as:

Job commitments This could be the one that takes most of your time, and is the most demanding. If you work in a 9 to 5 job you're committed during those hours. If you're in an executive position your job probably takes even more of your time and your energy.

Family commitments Your family commitments could mean your partner and children. It could also mean your extended family, such as your parents and other relatives. They might rely on you to help them with certain tasks, and even with financial needs.

Personal commitments The things you have committed to personally might include your exercise regime, clubs, and working online.

The first thing to do is to make a list of all the commitments you have in the above categories. For example, if your family depends on your income, your job will take priority over other commitments.

Now you can create your to-do list, within each of the categories. Then create daily and weekly goal-oriented lists.

Now rank all your tasks in their order of importance. The items at the top of your list are obviously your priority tasks, and these tasks are probably ones you should do yourself.

The items lower on your list might be able to be delegated or outsourced to free you up for the priority tasks.

This is the goal of the ranking exercise. When someone else is handling the tasks with lower importance, you are freed up to have a more focused mind, and be more productive each day.

Prioritizing tasks is a simple way to bring your life into order. But there is more you can do right now to improve your success in life and business by being more productive. Get lots more free practical tips at

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