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Law Of Belief - Success Strategies

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 146

The law of belief is an important part of success. Belief is the engine that drives you. Without it, you will certainly fail. When I say fail, I mean quit. It is not logical to work towards an unseen goal. Therefore, success cannot happen without belief. Here are seven reasons to practice this law.

1. You work harder:

Truly believing in the outcome creates massive action. People are lazy because they think situations won't work out. With this mindset, there's no reason to act. Therefore, you are outworked by those with belief.

2. Focus:

This law also helps you focus. If you know the end is secure, it is easy to stay on course. Without faith, people tend to start and stop repeatedly. They also do too many things at once. What happens is, uncertainty makes you try everything. However, those who know their purpose stay focused.

3. Excitement:

Excitement comes from belief. Being excited is important because it produces momentum. In turn, momentum speeds up results and creates more belief.

4. It attracts the right people:

If you have confidence, you will attract like minds. Soon, you have a network of successful people. Having the right people around you will increase productivity. To reiterate, people are attracted to confident individuals.

5. Situations change:

Your environment changes for the better when you have faith. The belief you hold literally creates circumstances. You start to find yourself in the right place at the right time and opportunities appear. Your belief creates ideal situations with minimal effort.

6. Doing what you enjoy:

Only those with self-confidence can earn a living doing what they enjoy. In other words, optimistic people live how they want. Everyone else does what they "have to do." Hence, working at a job they hate.

7. Creativity:

This law allows you cultivate your creative side. Practicing belief causes you to visualize the future. As this becomes a daily practice, your imagination gets better. The imagination is key because it allows you to create clear visualizations. In turn, you manifest quicker. Also, creativity increases your ability to receive infinite wisdom.

How do you create belief?:

This question doesn't get answered often, but the answer is simple. You want to reverse the cause and effect.

Example: If the law of belief makes you work harder, then working hard creates belief. This applies to everything on the list.

The masters understand and apply this great law.

Mustafa Beriah

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