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3 Traits of Successful People

April 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 196

Why is it some people are more successful than others? Are they more intelligent, beautiful, or come from a rich family? Well, in some sphere's these may be useful but not the entire story and predictor of long-term success.

I know successful people who have average or even mediocre intelligence, and see many actors who are not great looking people but win Oscars, and of course there are plenty of true rags to riches stories. And all these are more the norm than you think.

So there is something else going on here, and I've noticed a few traits successful people have that others don't and are better predictor's of success than those mentioned earlier.


As the song goes "You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come." A dream becomes a passion, and passion produces DRIVE. Having drive and an ambition sets people apart from those on the "sidewalk" moving at a pedestrian pace with no aim and just waiting for their life to come to them.

We admire people with drive and ambition and think they possess some secret sauce we don't - well, they do in a way - drive. But we are all capable of having drive. For example, you'd be surprised at just how much drive your co-workers have when 5:00pm comes in the evening and they head for home. Many can't wait to get out of the office and become different people when day is done.

Having drive helps instill the next two traits also common in successful people.


Successful people avoid dependencies as they become roadblocks and excuses why you can't do something. Mind traps are caused when you set dependencies up. They start with a goal but then rapidly spiral down into a tight web of interconnecting dots.

An example will help to illustrate. Say you want to exercise to help lose weight. This is good so far. But its winter and chilly outside and so you put a dependency on it by saying I'll start exercising as soon as it warms up. But then you need to sort out your old jogging gear in the attic and you haven't got time at the moment for that project but once you do you'll get to your exercise gear and then start to exercise to get fit to lose weight.

Oh my - what a web of intrigue we've created! Is this a bit extreme of an example? Actually, no, as these types of mind traps are common with smokers who want to quit. They may be afraid of gaining weight if they stop smoking, so they put a dependency before they quit of losing weight, and then they layer another dependency of exercising to lose weight and... here we are again.

Successful people don't let themselves get into mind traps as they're all about moving forward and taking action even if the action wasn't entirely successful at least they did something. This brings us on to the next trait of successful people - taking action!


Perhaps this is the single most common trait that sets successful people apart form the masses is... they take action!

I enjoy reading and attending educational and training workshops and seminars, but it is all worthless unless I use what I learn and take action. And this is what successful people do. They are not afraid to use what they learn, knowing that they may not be an expert yet in some areas and are likely to stumble and fall a few times before hitting the target. They've decided it is better to do something quickly and get feedback to adjust, rather than wait and study some more, and then some more, and end up back in the "mind trap" quagmire!

If you get one thing out of this article, then I hope it is the activity of Taking Action because unless you do then you have zero chance of being successful, and you deserve better than that.

Erika Slater is a Certified Hypnotist and offers clinics for improving confidence & self-esteem in Boston Massachusetts region. She has a 12-part confidence and Self-Esteem article series and you can find at her web site:

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