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Understanding Stress - Why Do I Always Feel Stressed and Empty?

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 129

Do you ever notice when you run into someone you haven't seen for a while they've aged a lot? Sometimes you may not even recognize them until you hear them talking. You even say to yourself: "Wow, look at John. I wouldn't have recognized him if he hadn't called out to me. I wonder what happened?"

You may even quiz your old friend or relative to find out what happened and why he looks so bad. Does he have an illness or is he going through a divorce? What could it be that accounts for the way he looks? You may even walk away unsatisfied after talking to him because from what he told you, there's no reason for the physical deterioration. So, you go down the list. Still married, check, jobs OK, check, no one's sick, check. What is it that's causing your friend to age so fast?

Here is a list of 5 energy wasters that you and your friend may not be aware of:

1. Overeating - You don't have to be obese to loss energy from overeating. Notice how you feel when you get done eating a meal. If you always feel like going to sleep after you eat, then you're overeating. Experiment with how much and what types of food make you tired. If you are eating the right amount and type of food you will not feel tired after you eat. All that excess food depletes your energy and causes aging.

2. Excess Consumption of Sugar - Drinking soda pop or sweetened drinks throughout the day will make you tired. The amount of caffeine in your drink will not make up for the continuous bombardment of your pancreas with sugar. Your poor pancreas will be doing its best day after day to try and produce enough insulin to keep up with your sugar intake, but you are wearing your pancreas out and making yourself tired.

3. Excess Worry - When your mind is consumed by worry it is working overtime all the time. Not just when you work long hours. A mind that is consumed by worry never rests. A mind that never rests will keep you up at night too. A mind that never rests is reflected in the lines of worry all over your face, that make you look old.

4. Depressed Mood - Everyone knows how it feels when you are around a person that is depressed. You constantly feel like you have to swear or joke or get loud or do something to try and get him/her in a better mood. It even wears you out to be around them. Imagine how tired your friend feels all the time. The depressed mood is inside his/her body! Depression causes disease and aging.

5. Dehydration - Believe it or not, you may not need that extra cup of coffee or that sweet roll in the afternoon to help with your energy. What you need is more water. If you are not drinking enough water you will be tired. Your body can run without food for 8 or 12 or more hours and not be tired from lack of calories. But withholding water from your body will keep it in a state of dehydration and you will feel tired.

I'm going to be 59 in a couple of months and I'm not aging and I'm not tired. And I only sleep 4 -5 hours a night on average. I don't wake up tired. I wake up ready to go!


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