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Surviving First Day Pressures In School And At Work

July 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 148

We all have our first times in life. There's the first crush, the first date, your first and so many other firsts. We all have different ways of handling them and most of the time, we handled them well. But probably the most common first that we all have to go through in life and the most pressuring of all would be that first day in school or at work. Mainly because of the pressure from the classmates or from the colleagues, we can feel left out or bail out immediately. If not for the survival tips and how-to's, most of us wouldn't stand a chance of making it through school or work.

In school, we experience a lot of peer pressure especially from new friends and classmates. Each and every teen has their own set of qualities and personalities and we may find it difficult to handle every one of them. And during the first day of classes, each one tries hard to stand out to become the popular girl's friend, the school hunk future girlfriend and wanting to be part of the school's most popular group. The first day of school is like an audition. Every kid wants to show all they've got to the point that it can harm other kids as well. For grown-ups, this sounds ridiculous but this is reality for some teens. Aside from that, these students do all that they can to impress their teacher, which later on makes them the most favorite student, better known as the 'teacher's pet'.

First day of pressure at work, on the other hand, is a different story. The moment you step inside the office, your new colleagues start to size you up. This means they calculate from the way you dress, the way you move and your whole appearance. But it doesn't end there! Being the new office mate, some would feel threatened by your presence because you are their competition, especially when you have the same job as them. Others feel the same way because you might be the first one promoted while they worked hard for how many months and years still haven't received a promotion. It can be pretty tough if you don't have the right survival tactics to use whether it's pressures from school or work.

First day pressures can be tough but learning how to handle it and if seriously affects your performance at school and work, you can look up some survival videos online. No doubt there will be some posted because you are not the only one who has first day pressures.

Learn more about how the many survival tips that you can use, not only at school or work, but the other things in life as well.

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