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Stress Is a Choice: Simplify Your Life By David Zerfoss

April 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 212

There are so many talks about the changes in the world in 2012 and beyond. I believe there is a strong reason reason for it and the speed of the changes is just "out of this world" so to say. I am so glad to be living in this challenging, yet extraordinary and promising time. I am so happy that somewhere in the time and universe I have volunteered to be here on earth when deciding moments of humanity are happening. I made a choice to assist in building the world based on love.

Just recently I had two occasions when I felt so much love in me when talking with other persons, that my heart became too big for my body. If I would be a space craft, I would probably hit the moon in seconds. The feeling lasted only a second or two, but the memory of it is still there and very vivid. This resilient feeling of love was very kind, soft, comforting, if I would have to compare it to something it would be to a cozy baby blanket; so soft, so warm, so "baby smell after a bath" kind.

When you feel something like this, nothing else matters. You just want this moment to last.

And then I came back to the reality of the world which I am a part of now. If life is love then all should be very simple. Why do we make it all so complicated? Because of the judgment phenomenon! Whatever we judge (which is all) it becomes complicated. What follows is the creation of opinions and options to opinions and so on, and so on.

What if we stop judging? What if we just love with this pure, baby love? Can you imagine, there would be no fights, no crime, no wars, no hate, and no discrimination? Instead of building the walls for security, we could spend that time enjoying the nature, live, be. How would it affect our social picture? No prisons, no police, no military, no spies, no intelligence, no visas, no unhealthy competition.

So, I would get up in the morning, I would not have to rush, because there would be no time constrains. No one would take a small tardiness for disrespect, because we would not know what disrespect is. Work would be a play. No bad publicity, no one would really care what the celebrities are doing, because we would all be our own kind of celebrities with own desired lives, no paparazzi's, no need for sick entertainment. No health issues, our bodies would be happy with no reasons to become sick.

No need for banks, everyone would live in abundance; everyone would trust everyone, no need to lie or cheat. No one would need to lock the house, everyone would be welcome everywhere, no need to make an appointment months in advance. Let your imagination flow.

There is something though that would be a big wake up call for us. So many professions of today would have to go away. People would have to change their way of thinking. What would all the people do who now complain about their jobs, their stress yet they continue their life style because money is there. Someone organizes their schedule, their life. And what follows is a long "to do" list. We feel so important and needed, as if this artificial sense of living would validate the life purpose. And when all our time is booked, by our own doing, we start complaining. Did we not invite stress ourselves? How much longer? How long do you think we can live against our own nature?

I don't want to be scheduled or re-scheduled all the time. I don't want to sit numb in front of TV, because I am too tired to think. I don't want to lock my door, I don't want to have an alarm system, and I don't even want to purchase life insurance. We do nothing lively and spontaneous anymore; we protect ourselves in every moment. We spend time on foreseeing the worst case scenarios to be prepared.

How can we live to the tune of our highest potential and life purpose resemble live of a hunted animal?

I invite you to open your hearts and join those who want to live a life of love and not that of fear. As I mentioned, stress is a choice. I read "Stress is a Choice" by David Zerfoss as a guide to a new life. I strongly recommend it for several reasons, but most of all as a helpful resource to get rid of the clatter in your life. To see things from a new perspective and to learn to attach value to what really matters.

Things don't love us back, people do. Simple reduction of needs and wants of life reduces the labors of life. Change your attitude; it is such a small thing with a profound power to make a difference. Need help? Look at the outdoors. Nature has a healing effect. It reliefs us from stress. Listen to the birds, no matter what the weather, they are singing. They are full of joy. And most of all...slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. The future awaits us, empower yourself, empower others to create a powerful one.

Be am amazed with the value of experience that comes from a simple heart to heart conversation. Yes, when the words are missing, hearts talk. Breathe in the magnificence of life and breathe out the passion for love so others can be poisoned with it.

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