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Listen To Meditation Music to Remove Stress

July 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 192

We live in a world where stress triggers are virtually everywhere - family tensions, financial issues, traffic jams, obnoxious bosses and co-workers, and worries about the future, among others. Stress management then becomes a useful skill for most, if not all, individuals subjected to any of these triggers. This is where meditation music comes in handy.

This is where meditation music comes in handy. Also known as sacred music particularly among yogis and gurus, its main role in stress management is to initiate the relaxation response in both mind and body. As you listen to the music, your mind and body slowly but surely starts to relax, to slow down and to focus on the present.

In the physiological and psychological sense, you achieve a sense of calm, of familiarity and of centeredness, all of which are essential to enjoying the benefits of meditation itself. Of course, you can also plug in any type of familiar music especially as numerous scientific studies have shown that listening to music, say, the classical music of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, can encourage similar effects.

However, meditation music is preferred for, well, meditation because its structure, rhythm and harmony, among other aspects, are specifically designed for the purpose. You are then more likely to relax faster, respond easier and meditate better with sacred music than with any other musical genre.

Obviously, you will only be able to tell the difference between meditation and classical music when you actually listen to both types while simultaneously meditating. Suffice it to say that unlike classical music, meditation music incorporates the soothing sounds of nature with calming ancient music generated by age-old mantras and instruments.

The structure, rhythm and harmony of said musical genre do not contain sudden crescendos and decrescendos, among other distracting elements, which other types of music - yes, even classical music - possess.

These are easier said than done considering that everyday issues, images and thoughts drift in and out of your consciousness, thus, distracting the mind from the job at hand.Your body and brains have been attuned to the expected response to the meditation music that even when you are just listening to it sans the meditation part, you almost unconsciously react to its soothing melodies.

Indeed, when you listen to meditation music, not only are you able to relax in mind and body but you are also able to identify and then express the feelings, experiences and thoughts associated with your stress. Every time that you listen to it, you can feel your worries, cares and issues in your mind slip away into nothingness while your body finally becomes as relaxed as possible.

The Sacred Music guide offers huge collection of meditation music for their music lovers and also collection of sacred music for a sanctuary to explore the greatest ever historic music of famous personalities.

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