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How to Make a Stress-Free "To Do" List

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 112

The stresses of corporate life, parenthood, and all the other challenges that you face in your 40s can be overwhelming. If you feel like you have too much on your plate and you're completely exhausted, try my simple, practical way to prioritize your responsibilities and get through the day without losing touch with your own energetic flow. I have created a system called "Goodbye Stress, Bonjour Radiance!" that saved me from anxiety and adrenal burnout - only a year ago, I was so overwhelmed with my medical job and the very masculine "get it done at all costs" energy surrounding me that a five-week vacation wasn't enough to restore my adrenals and relieve my stress. I used this "to do" list system to get back in touch with my feminine energy and still get things done - without stress or anxiety.

Every morning, write down the things you need to do that day. Then, divide the list into three categories: "Absolute must," "Needs to be done," and "If I can, I will." Prioritize your agenda this way.

Next, look at your "Absolute must" list and decide which item to do first. Read down the list slowly, and check in with your body and your energy as you go. Which item is calling to you? Which one feels "right" to do right now? Choose the item that resonates with you, and complete it.

When you've done your first "Absolute must" item, go back to your list and scan through it again. Ask yourself: "Which of these things would make me happy if I did it today?" Have some fun -- play with your energy - include some self-care items, e.g. time for yourself, so you can do them with pleasure and love. If your body or energy feels resistant to any of the items, ask yourself whether that thing can really wait until tomorrow. If it can, move it to a different priority category on the list, or cross it off completely. Feel relieved? You don't want to force yourself to do a job that your body is fighting - your adrenals are very sensitive, and every time you push yourself to make something happen, you tax them.

Continue through your day in this soft, feminine energy, completing the items that call to you and delaying the ones that repel you. We feel different every day, even every hour. It's all about the "delicate dance" of our feminine hormones. That's why it's so important to listen to your body and allow yourself to do things on more intuitive level. Maybe right now, the very idea of cleaning your house sounds exhausting - but tomorrow, or later this afternoon, you would be doing it with joy. That's when you choose to do it, not when just thinking about it makes you feel stressed. Avoid any negative feelings around what you do and do not want to do right now. Just tune in to yourself and do what feels right in that moment, then ask your body, "What do I want to do next?" Do what you can today, do your best, and don't worry about tomorrow.

When you are acting from a place of peace, joy, and openness, you can only succeed. There is no failing. Implement this stress-free system, and you will enjoy your life so much more, while still getting things done.

Let me leave you with a quote: "That is the way every seeming failure will work out for you, if you keep your faith, hold to your purpose, have gratitude, and do, every day, all that can be done that day, doing each separate act in a successful manner." ~ Wallace D. Wattles

For more information please go to and download my Free gift for you - "What You May Not Know About Stress" Report and keep in touch. I would love to read your comments.

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