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Give Yourself Permission to Relax

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 195

Years ago, I watched my very exhausted 28-year-old son--who ski patrolled 6 days a week, volunteered on an ambulance, and took two pre-req classes for grad school while planning his wedding--battle with himself about whether to go to a late movie or not one night. His rationale? He never got to the movies, he was in Seattle, he should take advantage of this chance, and it was only 9:30 PM.

I told him to forget about it, that he was too tired, had to get up at 5:30am to head back to Leavenworth and why didn't he just go to bed? With a sigh of relief he said, "Thanks mom. That's a good idea."

What was it that wouldn't allow Tyler to give himself the permission to bail on the movie? It made me wonder how we got to this place of believing that this endless treadmill of doing, doing, doing is healthy or heroic. When did it become NOT OK to STOP?

It reminds me of the great line: "Got everything done, died anyway."

What if we worked our muscles without resting, ate without stopping, drove without filling our cars with gas? We seem to have forgotten that rest, re-energizing, and being still are as much ingredients for a balanced life as eating, sleeping and breathing. Let us become The Masters of Self Indulgence, of taking more time to nurture the body and the spirit.

I am going to ask that this week you consciously give yourself permission to "Not Do" something. The deal is, you can only fill that space with self-care for you. That means nothing constructive is allowed during your ME time. Get up and leave work at 3 PM; take a sick day with the National Enquirer, chocolate chip cookies and the remote; take a two-hour lunch and get a massage; sit and read a good book for an hour. The world will not end, I promise. You will probably feel guilty, but that's fine. That means you are pushing the envelope for self-care.

In the end, this is about practicing choice, and giving yourself permission to shut down the "shoulds" and choose how you want to spend the precious time you have been given in this lifetime.

What "should" will you choose NOT to do this week? By making this choice, you'll be giving yourself the best of all possible gifts: the permission to relax.

Suzy Kellett, Seattle personal concierge, is the owner of Suzy's Concierge Service. She is also a certified life coach and professional lifestyle manager. For more information about Suzy and her Seattle concierge services, see her website here:

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