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Exam Stress: 10 Easy and Practical Ways to Beat It

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 170

Exam stress is an exaggerated feeling of anxiety over one's performance in exams. We can take exams stress free, no matter what kind of exam it is. Its only when you know what is causing you stress and accordingly using the following tricks to make yourself feel more organized, mentally relaxed & alert, physically active and in control of the situation.

1. If the cause of your stress is 'So much to do and not enough time'

a. Make a proper time schedule allocating enough time to each subject.

b. Every day, evaluate your learning and make changes in time schedule if necessary.

c. If only a week is left for exams and your syllabus is not finished, stop wasting time in worrying about what you have NOT done. Utilize your time in properly revising what you have already done.

2. If the cause of your stress is, that you don't know what to study, from where and what all is in the prescribed syllabus

a. The first thing you should do, before starting your study is, to collect all necessary reading material (including the syllabus & model test papers)

b. Organize it subject wise, in separate folders

c. Keep it at a safe place and tell your family not to play around with it!

d. Keep a written track of what all you have studied every day and what has to be done, so that you don't keep worrying as to how much more is left, to be done.

3. If you feel stress by the thought that your preparation is not up to the mark

a. To feel confident about your preparation, you MUST solve previous years' or model test papers exactly as per exam conditions, without break

b. Do this only AFTER you have finished learning.

c. Have them checked by teachers/ tutors and take their help to understand important concepts and clear your doubts.

Remember this should be done well ahead of exams, not a day before as that might build up more stress and leave you exhausted for the real exam the next day!

4. If the cause of your stress is Parent's expectations

a. Just remember that in their hearts they want you to excel for your own good. Politely tell parents to stop using negative and stress building remarks and instead support you with love, practical help, positive inspiring remarks and their prayers!

b. If they see you doing your best, probably they will not feel as worried and will stop bothering you. They comment only when they see you wasting time.

c. But if you are doing your best, still they keep nagging you without giving any positive support, please tell them to seek guidance from counselors.

5. If the cause of your stress is Peer pressure

a. Don't have unnecessary conversations with your 'friends' or classmates

b. Avoid taking calls of those who give you tension of any sorts.

c. Stay calm even if you feel others have finished doing everything and you haven't. Instead of worrying about it, start studying more regularly and with full focus.

d. Set your own standards, that you have to score max or whatever. And prepare well to achieve that. Don't waste energies thinking -'can I or can I not score more than so and so'

6. If the cause of your stress is High Self standards

a. Even if you are a topper of the class or you have set a goal of getting 100% score, allow yourself time for relaxation, recreation or rejuvenation to keep your mind active and alert.

b. Every day in the morning, plan your study schedule. As per your capacity & stamina, after a block of 1-2 hours' study, give yourself a break of 10-20 minutes. But do return to your study with full focus after the break.

c. Prepare well to give your best, and stop worrying about the results.

7.If you keep having extreme anxiety about doing well in exam conditions

a.Avoid thoughts of worry, doubt and negative imagination

b. Substitute every negative thought with positive ones e.g.'I WILL be able to do it well', 'I am preparing well and my alert mind will remember everything', 'I have practised solving model test papers and I can manage well in the given time'

c. Any time you feel worried- Sit down, take deep breaths and think positive. After 5 minutes' of this exercise go back to studying.

d. A calm mind is a must to study with focus. Don't let worrying thoughts disturb your mind's peace.

8. If you think you cannot waste time in physical activity

a. Remember, continuous and adequate blood supply is absolutely essential for the brain to do sustained mental activity.

b. Every break that you take in between study time, should involve vigorous physical activity like running, jumping, climbing up and down the stairs.

c. You can try this relaxing exercise as well- stand up on your feet, stretch your arms towards the roof/sky, stay like this for a while. Then lower down your arms & head towards your feet. Stay in this posture for as long as you can. Take deep, relaxing breaths.

d. Do yoga or brisk walk for 10-20 minutes, outside or any other physical activity

e. Consciously imagine your mind feeling relaxed and active.

9.If you are not taking proper or adequate nutrition a. Every day, eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, milk, grains, pulses in small amounts - avoid heavy meals

b. A burger/bread/noodles or pasta can be made nutritious by adding vegetables etc.

c. Avoid too much of a particular food or coke, coffee and tea, even packed juices. Drink lot of water- at least 6-10 glasses to keep a normal blood flow.

d. Avoid smoking/drinking; you may feel relaxed momentarily but this is because these chemicals cloud your brain and make it dull. Remember these things are actually poisons for your body system otherwise why would there be a 'statutory warning:cigarette smoking is injurious to your health'

10.If you can't live without talking/chatting/playing mobile games or other distractions

a. 15-20 minutes' of socializing or TV etc are not bad as long as they inspire you, relax you or take your tiredness away. But don't overdo any of these.

b. Avoid friends, family, neighbors; TV, computer, other gadgets or even news paper/magazines if they take away your mental peace and cause stress!

REMEMBER: an alert, calm and positive mind is absolutely essential to prepare for and fare well in exams. Think of ways to have that and you will be stress freeee!!

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