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5 Tips to Waking Up and Becoming Early Riser! Awesome Style

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 192

Every now and then we accidentally wake up a couple of hours early, and you know what happens to me? Well, I feel almost a sense of calmness in the world. I feel like everything is so quiet and I can get anything done. Now for someone of my age it is kind of crazy to think I would be up at those time, which for me is normally true. This guy wakes up at the crack of noon most weekends. I've always wanted to become an early riser, but for some reason it just hasn't happened. That's about to change. I decided to research post from all over the web and come up with my own strategy on how to wake up early, so hit the jump.....and let's make it awesome.Okay first off because I like things awesome and in order let's do this beast in a list style format.

5 Tips to Waking up early...Awesome Style

Decide why you want to wake up early: For me I really want to get a couple blog posts up, and get a workout in. (Little fun fact, my major in college was personal training and exercise science) So I feel like you have to have a purpose. If you think to yourself I just want to get up to get up......Well, the second that alarm rolls around you'll have no reason to want to get out of bed. Make it Social: I got this idea from a past experience of mine. When I was a kid a game called Counter Strike was huge, and me as the gamer I am, was addicted. My best friend at the time Daniel and I wanted to play at any moment we could, so we set our alarms for 6AM....Keep in mind that is UNBELIEVABLY early for a kid in grade school. The interesting thing of it all was that I woke up fine. I knew he would be there and we would be having fun. So there wasn't a problem getting up. So I say make it social....Find a friend that you can do something with, yes Kevin that means I'm coming for you, and set it up for you two to be dependent on each other. Not only will it be fun, but you will start to have a support system making it easier on you! Make your alarm something nice: Don't put that God awful alarm that just screams "I want to kill myself". Personally, I have mine on the harp setting for my iPhone. That way when I wake up it is a nice soft soothing sound. Also it doesn't want to make me throw my phone across the room! If you're having trouble wake up in increments: If you just can't seem to wake up when you want to then start to wake up 30 minutes earlier each 3 days until you are at your wanted time. This way your body can get used to it all much easier! Lastly see the benefits!: Notice how good it feels knowing you have got so much done today! See how much better you feel knowing that you finally got to eat breakfast for once in your life! Also if your a Geek/Gamer like me think of all the free time you have after you're done for the day to do whatever the heck it is you like to do! Maybe get that CoD K:D ratio up

Well that's it Mr.Awesomes and Awesomettes... a list of steps to do something so hard yet so easy. Personally I'm going to try my hardest to stick with it this time and make it a part of my life. That is until next weekend's rager Oh well we're only young once!

If you liked this post don't forget to see Ben is poor and he basically keeps this site up for free.. So seeing people enjoy his site is all the satisfaction he gets!

Ben Winters is the CEO of A general interest blog all about making you a more interesting social person. Posting the latest in awesome daily news, interesting facts, the best life quotes and how to's

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