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100 Ways To Deal With Stress

July 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

*Strive for excellence, not perfection.*In case of emergency, take your own pulse first.*Buy yourself a flower.*Do a brand new thing.*Look at a sunset on the beach.*Wave at a stranger.*Practice a random act of kindness.*Avoid tight fitting clothes.*Play patty-cake with a toddler.*Be kinder than you need to be.*Practice smiling.*Do IT now.*Ask a friend for a hug.*Stand up and stretch.*Create a brand new doodle.*Unclutter your life.*Sing out loud in the car and shower.*Tell someone to have a good day in pig latin: "Aveha a oodga ayda".*Pet a friendly cat or dog.*Pay attention.*Act as if you can't fail. *Learn to meet your own needs.*Watch a ballet.*Take a bubble bath*Go on a picnic - bring bug spray!*Quit trying to "fix" other people.*Remember, you ALWAYS have options.*Put safety first.*Develop a network of support - people, places and things.*Get up 15 minutes earlier.*Read a story curled up in bed.*Always have a plan "B".*Clean out one closet or drawer. *Learn to whistle a tune.*Set goals for yourself and revise as necessary*Recognize the need to give and get unconditional love.*Prepare for the morning the night before.*Don't rely on your memory, write it down. *Make and throw a paper airplane.*Go to work early.*Feed the birds.*Stop a bad habit.*Talk less and listen more.*Practice preventative maintenance and participatory healthcare.*Avoid power struggles... they are a terrible waste of your valuable time.*Be prepared for rain.*Ask for help with the tasks you dislike.*Don't underestimate the significance of other people's experiences. *Look at the stars tonight.*Work at being cheerful and optomistic.*Relax, take one day at a time.*Eat a meal by candelight*Teach a kid to fly a kite.*Break large tasks into bite size pieces.*Stretch your limits a little each day.*Don't know all the answers.*Stop a bad habit.*Look at problems as challenges.*Get enough sleep.*Remember that stress is an attitude.*Memorize a joke.*Listen to a symphony.*Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day.*Repair anything that doesn't work properly.*Stop saying negative things to yourself.*Do everything in moderation.*Watch a movie and eat popcorn.*Dance a jig.*Write a note to a far away friend.*Take responsibility for your feelings.*Maintain your weight.*Take stock of your achievements.*Read a poem. *Leave work early, with permission.*Exercise a little each day.*Hum a jingle.*Be aware of the consequences for the decisions you make. *Talk less and listen more.*Avoid relying on chemical aids.*Put air freshener in your car.*Schedule play time into every day.*Avoid relying on chemical aids.*Look for the silver lining.*Find and request help from others.*Avoid negative people.*Practice grace under pressure.*Ask someone to be your vent-partner.*Learn the words to a new song.*Avoid fatigue by not dragging disappointments around with you.*Work as if you really don't need the money.*Freely praise other people.*Set your priorities.*Don't compare yourself to others - you never come up even.*Enjoy the scenary.*Save energy by not jumping to conculsuons.*Develop your funny bone*Know there never has been and never will be another you.*Copy and share this article with someone who needs it!*Let go and let GOD.

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100 Stress Strategies

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