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What Will Strategic Planning Software Do For You?

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 140

Strategic planning software will go a long way to ensure the success of your company. You can use planning software to manage many macroeconomic aspects of your management. Production planning, for instance, would never be as easy as it is now, with advanced planning software, which deals with inventory stocking, bill of material and replenishment levels.

With such highly developed software, you can pull out production planning for more than a year from now on, as forecasted by current demand.

Benefits of planning software

Complex planning software helps businesses make sense out of chaos. Businesses today are overloaded with a sea of raw information. Strategic planning software helps businesses sort information and analyze it for use in future planning.

1. Bringing order to chaos

You must have struggled endlessly with Excel sheets when forecasting and planning budget. Excel fails miserably when it comes to planning. In fact, it is not even a planning tool, to begin with.Excel is just about number crunching and the strategic planning process is anything but just numbers. Excel won't show you your progress against your target goals, it won't be accessible over the web and it won't teach you the strategic planning process.

development software, on the other hand, will be centralized. Everyone in your company will be able to see it. There will be no hassle of outdated data or data with discrepancies. It will keep informing you about your progress against set goals.

2. Developing SWOT analysis

This is a primary feature of many development software. You have to answer questions asked by the planning software. From your responses, the software will generate customized business strategies. SWOT analysis generated by software can let you know where your business stands, with respect to competition and market conditions. It will also point out your business's strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

3. Creating strategy maps

With the help of SWOT analysis and strategic planning objectives, you can create strategy maps with planning software. A strategy map is a diagram, which allows you to see key parts of your strategic objectives with highlighted cause and effect relationships. For instance, one of your objectives could be to 'exceed customer expectations' which is linked to your financial objective, 'maximize shareholder value'.

4. Crafting smart GOALS

You can use smart development software to create goals which are specific, measurable, and attainable. These goals should be assigned to a responsible person and be time specific. Keeping in line with your long-term strategy, some software even create one-page daily plans for every team meter so they know what they a required to do.

VerseGoal helps businesses simply management planning. It delivers key performance indicator and business planning to managers. For more details visit

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