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How to Reduce Your Company's Overhead Cost by 25% or More

November 12, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 128

So what can a business owner do in today's tough economic times of reduced income and increased overhead to curtail expenses to increase the bottom line or at least maintain some steadiness. There are a number of things business can do today to not only curtail expenses but increase the overall net profits of the company.

If you want to increase the bottom line you need to tackle some of the fixed overhead cost by reducing the cost upfront that the business is paying for the services.

One such service which is one of the largest costs for most business is their utility cost such as electricity. This one service is a necessity a business cannot operate even for one hour without the use of electricity power.

The best news to come in play in many areas of the country, but unfortunately not every area just a few select states now have deregulation of utility cost. The states that now allow for competition are PA, NJ, NY, CT, IL, TX, MD, DE so far and a few are slated to open up in the near future.

Many businesses are not even aware that they have the opportunity to lower the overall amount that they pay for having electricity power coming into the building. The other issue is they do not realize that buying electric power is and does work just like the stock market it increases and decreases based on fuel cost around the world.

Not only does the market control price, but since the deregulation of suppliers and allowing the suppliers to compete for your business this has increase direct competition in the market place. By increasing competition with suppliers it has made it easier for a business to cut their cost for power by as much as 30%. In most cases the saving are between 15% to 25% percent, each and every month with the option to lock in a fixed or variable rate from 6 month to 3 years.

The best part is there has been the creation of the energy exchange where business owner and commercial properties can go online and have 15-20 major world suppliers competing for their electric services. This is the way for a business to ensure they are absolutely receiving the lowest price for their electric usage. The business can enter the current utility cost along with usage for the month and see in real time utility providers competing for the right to supply their electric to the business or commercial entity.

So if you own a business or a commercial building or you a municipality you can now take advantage of this new opportunity to decrease the overhead with just a few minutes of time and effort can save a business thousands of dollars each and every day.

Tim Robbins,Sr Electric Power consultant and business marketing specialist providing business owners the opportunity to reduce their utility cost and at the same time increase marketing exposure without increase out of pocket expenses. By reducing utility cost business owners can utilize the money saved by visiting and reducing the electric cost by 25% they can now increase marketing dollars by 25% but use them in marketing of today to increase market shares.

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