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4 Tips for Building A Great Garage Storage System

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 158

Nowadays, property garages are for a lot more than parking cars. How does one uncover garage storage space and save room for the autos? By applying a number of concepts, anyone can be the proud owner of a garage that gives the functionality you should have and look terrific as well.

Tip #1: You will need a plan.

If you should happen to be a do-it-yourself person, creating a storage system you can appreciate may well involve hours of cautious preparation. You will want to start by determining the best materials for your level of skill and needs.

There are two sorts of garage cabinet you could pick. Your cabinets will either be semi built from a box store or you will have custom cabinets built.

The majority of the options for sale at the big box store are semi built cabinets and shelving created from resin or wood. Storage systems made of this material are easy to obtain and assembly.

Unfortunately, customization is limited and the material will not hold up well in the extreme temperature conditions of the garage. Nor will it hold up if it gets wet or comes into contact with chemicals. Anything you plan to use in the garage should be much more durable than this material.

For those who opt for the custom-built route, make sure you carefully pre-plan the project just before getting started. Doing so will conserve cash and time whenever you get started.

Tip #2: Use a strong and durable wood for custom jobs.

Some builders and carpenters use plywood to build cabinets. Plywood is great because it is really easy to find and it is pretty inexpensive to acquire. However, for added flexibility, select a thick and sturdy wood like medium density fiberboard (MDF).

The MDF boards are sturdy enough to store heavy things like paint cans and tools. The durability and strength of MDF tends to make it a fantastic selection for anything produced from wood.

Tip #3: Gather all of your tools, materials, and supplies in place.

If you plan to have wall hung garage cabinets you will need brackets to connect the system to the wall. You will also likely need a saw, a nail gun, nails and screws.

Gather together all the materials and tools you will need before you start building. You wouldn't want to get into the middle of your project and realize you were missing an important piece or tool.

You can elect to have your wood boards cut at the lumber yard or retailer where you purchased them. It is also possible to cut the wood yourself, however, if you have the right tools. Remember to measure twice so you only have to cut once. Also remember to with the wall hanging brackets in mind. Sturdy nails and glue should guarantee your cabinets offer you many years of enjoyment.

Tip 4: Finished wood provides functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Now it is time to apply a finish to the garage storage system. Initially, you will have to sand the wood product to create a smooth surface. A smooth wood surface is more suited for staining/finishing. The great news is you can select from many different finish options.

One of the best finishes for garage cabinets is a powder coat. There are numerous benefits to powder coating wood. Far too many to go into detail here. Be sure to do the necessary research prior to selecting a finish for your cabinets.

For those who are not so handy, prone to accidents when working with tools, or are just too busy to get a project like this done, hire a professional. There is no point in starting a project that you won't be able to complete in a weekend. Also keep in mind that your safety is more important than saving a few dollars on a project.

The folks over at Garage Design Solutions have been helping homeowners organize their garages and homes for nearly a decade. A storage specialist will help you design garage storage Ocean Pines residents can really appreciate.

You can get all of your home renovation projects done with Garage Design Solutions as they are also licensed home improvement contractors. Want a special offer on a full garage storage system? Visit our website to learn more!

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