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UKCAT Beginner Advice for the Unprepared Candidates

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 196

Previous students of the UKCAT advise us that you only are obliged to spend a couple of weeks coaching ahead of the UKCAT to acquaint yourself with the structure of the assessment. In addition, applicants inform us that a run-through is of great importance; it is seldom that the questions are problematic but that the speed you have to advance through the exam can be. Use UKCAT practice tests available to habituate yourself with the set of questions in the UKCAT. There are different subtests: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Analysis. From 2011, the Non-cognitive Analysis subtest has been discontinued - so there is no need to fret about that assessment.

It is probably also poignant to note that countless applicants do not finish all subtests in the UKCAT. Try to attempt each one of the questions but don't worry if you don't get to the end of each section. It is possible to score very highly even if you do not complete a section as the score is based on a normal distribution curve based on the applicants of the whole test-taker population.

Remember, there is a score for each right response, but no marks are removed for fallacious answers. It is best that you do not leave questions unanswered. If you really can't work out the answer, it is better to eliminate the answers that you know to be wrong and then make your best guess from those that are left. We reiterate do not leave responses unanswered - you might as well as hazard a guess.

One of the hallmarks of a multiple-choice question is the inclusion of one or more answer choices that are incorrect but almost correct. So work diligently to find them and eliminate them. Questions like these are not tricks. Accept that one (and only one) of the answers to each question is correct. All questions have been thoroughly verified. This technique is particularly useful in the UKCAT subtest Decision Analysis - but be careful because this can be very time-consuming. If you are struggling with a question move on to the next one. You can flag questions for consideration so that you can leave out them and come back to them later.

In all this advice, it is important to stay relaxed in the UKCAT. Stressful environments such as admissions tests should be approached with a mature look at the positives that can come from taking this test. Replace the anxious energy with excitement.

Medify is the leading UKCAT resource for aspiring medical students in the UK. We provide prospective candidates with free advanced advice and our 50 top UKCAT tips.

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