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Use A Simple Golf Swing To Become A Better Golfer

February 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 173

Tired Of Embarrassment?

If you want to become a better golfer, then you must have a book by David Nevogt which will not only help with your golf swing, but it will improve your short game also. With these methods in this step-by-step, well golf book, it will help fix and stop slicing the ball. Do you want to break 80 and become competetive? The golf instructions will show you how to improve your tee shots and short game. Read all eight bonus books included for free like putting tips and chipping tips, and sand trap trips.

What Will Be Able To Do

Stop slicing the ball.Hit long tee shots.Hit straight fairway shots.Chip onto the green.Putt into the cup instead of around it.Reduce your overall score.Become a competitive golfer.Playing an enjoyable round of golf.

I Am A Better Golfer And Use A Simple Golf Swing

Within a few hours of reading and practicing these great golf lessons, I was improving. I was on my way to playing the best golf of my life. I started playing golf a few years ago with more experienced people than I was. It was embarrassing to play with them. There is nothing like feeling like you don't belong by holding them up because I I was in the woods looking for my ball that I just sliced. It made me wonder how they got longer shots and on the fairway majority of the time. I used to shoot a 90-100 easily every time. Talk about discouraging. I started to understand the simple golf swing methods easier and soon became better by ten strokes each round. Now, I have reduced my golf score from the low to mid 80's . I am having tee shots on the fairway ninety percent of the time. I can now putt within reason also. I should be able to reach course par this year with no problems and enter many tournaments and a league.

Short Game

The Simple Chip will knock those strokes off your score card in a hurry. I can consistently put it close to the pin now. Create a mental training tool to help you remember each step before you shoot. Find things at home to help you practice. Shot-saving devices like clothes hangers, laundry bags, impact bags, walls, tennis rackets, and even basketballs will help you learn how to improve your short game. Little things around the house are far more inexpensive than going out and buying expensive equipment.

Check out a FREE Chapter at and see for yourself how this book will help you become a better golfer.

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