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Golf Swing Guru Review

February 17, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 59

Do you like to play golf? Would you like to lower your handicap in two rounds of golf or less? If that is your goal then the Golf Swing Guru, David Nevogt, has the answers for you. His "Simple Golf Swing" Ebook is so chock full of great golf advice that you will lower your handicap easily.

Just look at the subject matter that is included in this fascinating Ebook:

• Eliminate hooking, slicing and topping your ball. • How to chip the ball closer to the pin • Learn to break 80 regardless of your physical ability • How to make solid impact, and hit the ball straight and long each time. • Accurately and consistently covers drives, irons, as well as your short game. • Learn correct hand action, as well as correct timing • Gain thorough knowledge of using your spine as an axis • Arrive at consistency for gripping the club • Ensure straight ball flight each and every time • Apply step-by-step procedures to use the correct swing plane • Master the one-piece takeaway• Learn the an inside-out swing • Dramatically increase your distance by stopping your backswing much shorter

But that's not all in addition you will receive:

• DVD clips - That show you exactly how to move onto a better game. • Breakdown sessions - That show you screen shots and video for each specific mechanic. • Practice drills - Showing you exactly what the correct methods should feel like. • Pure Point Golf Teleseminars - You will be invited to all of these for questions, interviews with golf greats as well as discussions on how to better your game.• Worksheets and Assignments - Allows you to study your exact progress.• Evaluating Training Aids - Let's you know which training aids work and which do not. • Private Apprentice Forum - Allows you to interact with other golfers in your program. • Stat Tracker System - Utilize the proprietary game tracking software. • Tracking Worksheets - You'll receive a different list each month. • Community - Compare stats with other players, share videos and meet new members.

Still not enough for you, then you will love these additional bonuses:

• "The Simple Chip" covers how to consistently put it near the pin.• Mike Pedersen's "Fit To A Tee" eBook covers how your body affects your swing. • "Training Aids You can make at Home" covers making your own shot saving devices. • "Putting Lesson #1" covers incredible putting tips to shave at least 4 strokes from your game. • "Sand Lesson" covers how to get out of sand traps quickly and efficiently. • Lifetime Upgrades, so that each and every time new contents come out you'll get them immediately.• "Mental Preshot Routine" covers what you mind needs to do prior to each shot. • Mike Austin's "515 Yard Drive" contains his distance secrets.

Just to let you know too, that the left-handed version is available too! You may download your Golf Swing Guru eBook or you can find more eBook reviews here.

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Golf Swing Guru Review

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